Starting a Profitable Blog: What’s Your “Why”?

What’s your “why”?

Side note: If you already have your idea and want to skip-ahead go straight to the blog setup guide here. It’ll show you how to set up a professional blog in 15-minutes, as well as teach you how to set it up for profit:

Whenever I ask people why they want to get started with blogging, the answers are often diverse:

  • You may have a strong passion to share information about a certain topic or a cause that’s important to you.
  • You may want to share your story about what you’re going through and help others in the process
  • You may want to just cover and curate the news and info from your favorite hobbies or markets
  • You may want to cover the cost of your bills with a side-income
  • You may want to create a large $100K-per month business out of it
  • You may (perhaps won’t admit it) but you like the idea of being “internet-famous” and having thousands of people following what you do and reading your opinions on things.

Whatever your reason for getting started with building your own successful online platform, it’s something that’s good to think about before you get started.

Soon, I’m going to show you how to choose a good topic for your blog and I’ve made a short video to help you choose a good approach for ensuring long-term profit.


Tom Parker