10 Low Carb Food Substitutes Stock Emails


A pack of 10 PLR emails with a total word count of 2,818 words which each contain a low carb food substitution people can make in their diets and an advertising slot that can be used to promote your products or services.


  • Swap Chips For Salt and Peppered Seeds = 369 words
  • Swap Cereal For An Omelet = 315 words
  • Swap Chips For Nuts = 267 words
  • Swap Chocolate For Chocolate Coated Nuts = 267 words
  • Swap Pasta For Spaghetti Squash = 258 words
  • Swap Potatoes For Squash = 261 words
  • Swap Rice for Cauliflower = 275 words
  • Swap Sandwiches For Salads = 268 words
  • Swap Soda For Green Tea = 270 words
  • Swap Breaded Chicken for Marinated Chicken = 268 words



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