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Infographic - 11 Official Signs of Coronavirus You Shouldn’t Ignore, According to the CDC

Give readers a quick snapshot of the 11 known symptoms of the coronavirus with this eye catching and immersive infographic. With imagery and graphics that cannot be ignored, this graphic covers not only the most prominent research-backed Covid-19 symptoms that the CDC determined, but also how the disease differs from allergies in terms of symptoms.

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Covid-19 has devastated families across the world by snatching their loved ones from them.  While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had determined three main symptoms at the start of the outbreak (breathing difficulties, fever and cough), more have emerged as the virus overcame borders.

Provide readers a quick look at 11 main symptoms of the virus with this infographic which covers:

ü  A research-backed list of all (known) Covid-19 symptoms.

ü  Differences between Covid-19, a cold and allergies.

ü  The reason why the list of symptoms keeps growing.