Complete Natural Health Stock Course


A complete natural health PLR course containing 113 video tutorials, 49 image and text tutorials, two eBooks with a collective total word count of over 100,000 words and eCovers, two video sales pages, six sales emails and 73 social graphics.


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Module 1 – 113 Natural Health Video Tutorials

113 Natural Health Video Tutorials

Video is the most powerful type of online content you can produce. 66% of all Internet traffic is now video and 60% of people prefer watching video compared with reading text.

With these 100+ video tutorials, you can leverage the power of video in the natural health space. Use them to wow your customers by providing them with a complete and comprehensive video course.

The videos are provided in an MP4 format and broken down into four categories; beauty, health, home and recipes.

Here are the 113 video tutorials you get:

  1. 5 Natural Pain Relievers
  2. Aloe & Basil To Kill Warts
  3. Aloe To Relieve Razor Burn
  4. Balsamic Lavender Vinaigrette
  5. Bathroom Grout Cleaner
  6. Beef Bone Stock
  7. Benefits of Natural Sunlight
  8. Black Tea For Canker Sore
  9. Brewers Yeast For B Vitamins & Overall Health
  10. Carbonated Water For Foot Tendonitis
  11. Castile Liquid Hand Soap
  12. Cayenne Pepper For Foot Pain
  13. Cayenne Pepper Poultice
  14. Clear Finger Nail Polish To Remove Warts
  15. Cocoa & Coconut Oil Facial
  16. Coconut Milk Shampoo
  17. Coconut Oil Hair Smoother
  18. Coffee Hand Rub
  19. Coffee Scrub For Cellulite
  20. Cold Temperatures To Boost Metabolism
  21. Coriander & Cardamom Fever Reducer
  22. Cranberry Salad For Overall Health
  23. Dark Chocolate Chunks To Boost Metabolism
  24. Diuretic Foods
  25. Dry Brushing Before A Shower
  26. Essential Oil Protect Houseplants From Cats
  27. Eucalyptus To Relieve Allergies
  28. Eucalyptus To Relieve Asthma Symptoms
  29. Eczema Bath
  30. Foam Rolling To Reduce Tension & Cellulite
  31. Foot Odor Relief With Vodka
  32. Frozen Green Tea For Razor Burn
  33. Garden Pest Spray
  34. Gelatin Coconut Milk Facial Peel
  35. Ginger Candy
  36. Green Tea Foot Soak For Blisters
  37. Honey Shampoo & Conditioner
  38. Hops To Ease Anxiety
  39. Hot Cold Foot Soak
  40. Ice To Remove Warts
  41. Increase Sulfur Intake For Improved Health
  42. Insomnia Relief
  43. Kombucha Scoby Bandage
  44. Kombucha Scoby Facial
  45. Kombucha Scoby Natural Plant Fertilizer
  46. Kombucha Scoby Pet Treat
  47. Lacto-Fermented Carrot & Ginger
  48. Lavender For Stress Reducing Cookies
  49. Lavender Hair Rinse For Dandruff
  50. Lavender Oil To Heal A Burn
  51. Lemon & Salt Teeth Whitener
  52. Lemon Oil To Remove Warts
  53. Microwave Cleaner With Citrus
  54. Natural Bleach Replacement
  55. Natural Cut Flower Spray To Extend Blooms
  56. Natural Deodorant
  57. Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner
  58. Natural Hairspray
  59. Natural Homemade Ricotta Cheese
  60. Natural Mouthwash
  61. Natural Muscle Pain Relief
  62. Natural Nose Bleed Remedy
  63. Natural Potpourri
  64. Natural Sleep Aid Honey & Sea Salt
  65. Natural Solution For Hormonal Imbalance
  66. Natural Sun Protection
  67. Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  68. Natural Toothpaste
  69. Nori Body Wrap
  70. Oil Pulling
  71. Olive Oil For Constipation
  72. Olive Oil for Eczema
  73. Olives For Motion Sickness
  74. Onion For Bug Bites
  75. Orange Clove Vinegar Cleaner
  76. Orange Peel For Gardens
  77. Overnight Zit Remedy
  78. Papaya Dessert For Digestion
  79. Papaya Peel For Face
  80. Papaya Seed for Intestinal Health
  81. Papaya Seed Vinaigrette
  82. Pencil For Headache Relief
  83. Poultry Bone Broth
  84. Prevent Fleas Naturally
  85. Psoriasis Solutions
  86. Remove Armpit Stains Naturally
  87. Remove Red Wine Stains Naturally
  88. Rice Water For Stomach Ache
  89. Rose Petal Honey Yogurt Facial
  90. Rose Petal Tincture
  91. Scented Vinegar Cleaner
  92. Shower Soother
  93. Stamina Boosting Maca Drink
  94. Strawberries To Whiten Teeth
  95. Sugar For Hiccups
  96. Tape For Plantar Warts
  97. Tea Tree Oil For Scalp
  98. Tea Tree Oil To Remove Warts
  99. Towel Laundry Freshener
  100. Turmeric Masque
  101. Vanilla Extract
  102. Vitamin C Chewable To Treat Warts
  103. Vitamin E Oil To Reduce Scars
  104. Vodka As Shampoo Boost
  105. Vodka Rosemary Hair Rinse
  106. Vodka Spritzer For Clothes
  107. Vodka to Clean Shiny Surfaces
  108. Vodka Toner & Wrinkle Reducer
  109. Witch Hazel Bath For Razor Burned Legs
  110. Witch Hazel For Blisters
  111. Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids Diaper Rash & Postpartum
  112. Witch Hazel For Post Hair Removal
  113. Yogurt For Bad Breath

Module 2 – 49 Image And Text Tutorials

47 Image And Text Tutorials

These image and text tutorials can be used to provide your customers with even more high value visual content.

The tutorials are provided in a professionally designed booklet and can be delivered as either a complete solution or as individual tutorials. Each tutorial includes text instructions and multiple supporting photos for each step of the tutorial.

They contain over 19,000 words of written content and hundreds of supporting images.

You get two versions of the tutorials included in your download – a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

Here are the 49 image and text tutorials that you get:

  1. Acne Fighting Bath Bombs
  2. Avocado Moisture Hair Mask
  3. Aloe Leaf Eye Serum
  4. Baby Balm
  5. Bug Repellent Lavender Body Butter
  6. Chocolate Banana Radiant Face Mask
  7. Coffee Cinnamon Scrub
  8. Cold & Flu Fighting Foot Salve
  9. Cold Buster Drops
  10. Cough & Congestion Relief Tea
  11. Daily Bacne Relief Spray
  12. D.I.Y. Strawberry Orange Gummy Bites
  13. Easy Head Ache Help
  14. Indigestion Relief Tea
  15. Irritable Bowel Soothing Tea
  16. Lavender Dry Heel Relaxation Foot Scrub
  17. Deep Conditioning Mango Hair Cream
  18. De-Puffing Nighttime Tea
  19. Easy Head Ache Help
  20. Fluffed Up Natural Shaving Cream
  21. Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce
  22. Healing Oatmeal Body Scrub
  23. Indigestion Relief Tea
  24. Irritable Bowel Soothing Tea
  25. Lavender Dry Heel Relaxation Foot Scrub
  26. Moisturizing Chocolate Body Scrub
  27. Natural Carpet Cleaning Powder
  28. Natural Homemade Mouth Wash
  29. No Scrub Natural Toilet Tabs
  30. Non Toxic Natural Deodorant
  31. On The Go Leave In Hair Shampoo
  32. PB Banana Protein Sweet Treat
  33. Personal Mosquito Repellent
  34. Pet Odor Neutralizer For Carpet
  35. Repairing Oil Hair Treatment
  36. Rosemary-Mint Steam Facial
  37. Salt Damage Vinegar Rinse
  38. Simple Corn Pack For Stress Relief, Pain, & Inflammation
  39. Personal Mosquito Repellent
  40. Sinus Clear Steam Disks
  41. Sleepy Face, Face Mask!
  42. Smooth & Tight Coffee Scrub Bars
  43. Soothing White Tea Foot Bombs
  44. Sore Throat Relief Gargle
  45. Southwestern Breakfast Burritos for Health
  46. Spicy Chili Wraps
  47. Supercharged Summer Smoothie
  48. Tummy Bug Relief Tea
  49. Yummy Moisturizing Lip Buff

Module 3 – Herbs eBook

Learn Herbs PLR eBook & Marketing SystemHerbal medicine is a topic that thousands of natural health practitioners are extremely passionate about, with people in this niche constantly looking for information on growing their own herbs, the healing properties of herbs and more.

With this eBook, you can profit from this passion by selling natural health enthusiasts a fully researched, high quality product that answers every question they could possibly have about herbal medicine.

The eBook is 213 pages long and contains over 50,000 words of expertly written content. It covers:

  • The History Of Herbs
  • The Common Active Components Of Herbs
  • The Safety & Quality Of Herbs
  • The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Herbs
  • Soil Quality & Space
  • Harvesting & Storing Herbs
  • Drying Herbs
  • Setting Up Your Own Kitchen Herbal Pharmacy
  • How To Buy Good Quality Dried Herbs
  • What Are Essential Oils?
  • How To Grow, Cultivate & Prepare Remedies With Over 80 Different Herbs

You get two versions of the eBook included in your download – a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

You also get an eye catching flat and 3D eCover which comes in two formats – a Photoshop PSD format and a PNG format.

Module 4 – Video Sales Page For The Herbs eBook

Herbs PLR eBook And Marketing SystemPutting video on your sales pages can increase your conversions by as much as 80%. However, hiring someone to write the perfect sales script and produce a high converting sales video can cost thousands of dollars.

You can use this done for you video sales page to start benefiting from the huge conversion uplift that sales videos provide, without having to invest large amounts of your own cash.

It includes a professional sales video and laser targeted sales copy which can be published immediately or edited to your liking. All you have to do is make your preferred edits, upload it to your server and start driving traffic to sell the eBook with ease.

The elements of the video sales page come in the following formats:

  • A High Quality MP4 Video
  • An Easy To Edit HTML Sales Page

Module 5 – 3 Sales Emails For The Herbs eBook

Herbs PLR eBook And Marketing SystemWriting high converting emails is a tricky and time consuming process, that requires lots of trial and error.

With these done for you sales emails, we've done all the testing and tweaking for you to craft emails that will engage your subscribers, get them excited about the eBook you have to offer and maximize your conversions.

Copy and paste them into your autoresponder in minutes and watch your profits climb.

The emails come as easy to edit Microsoft Word documents and contain over 800 words of expertly written copy.

Module 6 – Natural Remedies eBook

Complete Natural Remedies eBookThis natural remedies eBook is 168 pages long, contains over 60,000 words of expertly written content and provides multiple natural solutions for over 60 common ailments. It covers:

  1. Acne
  2. Adrenal Exhaustion
  3. Ageing
  4. Alzheimer’s Disease
  5. Andropause
  6. Angina
  7. Anxiety
  8. Atherosclerosis
  9. Asthma
  10. Athlete’s Foot
  11. Bad Breath
  12. Bladder Infection
  13. Burns & Blisters
  14. Bronchitis
  15. Corns & Calluses
  16. Candida
  17. Cholesterol
  18. Chronic Fatigue
  19. Circulation Problems
  20. Cold & Cough
  21. Congestive Heart Failure
  22. Colitis
  23. Constipation
  24. Crohn’s Disease
  25. Cystitis
  26. Cysts & Polyps
  27. Depression
  28. Dermatitis
  29. Diabetes
  30. Diverticulitis
  31. Dandruff
  32. Earache
  33. Eczema
  34. Endometriosis
  35. Epstein-Barr Virus
  36. Fibromyalgia
  37. Flu
  38. Gallstones
  39. Hernia
  40. Hypertension
  41. Hormonal Imbalance
  42. Hypoglycemia
  43. Hypothyroidism
  44. Immune System (Boost)
  45. Insomnia
  46. Lupus
  47. Menopause
  48. Pain
  49. PMS
  50. Prostate Health
  51. Rheumatic Fever
  52. Sciatica
  53. Shingles
  54. Skin Tags
  55. Sinusitis
  56. Smoking Cessation
  57. Sore Throat
  58. Sports Injuries
  59. Stress
  60. Styes
  61. Toothache
  62. Warts

You get two versions of the eBook included in your download – a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

You also get an eye catching flat and 3D eCover which comes in two formats – a Photoshop PSD format and a PNG format.

Module 7 – Video Sales Page For The Natural Health Videos, Tutorials And eBooks

Module 7 – Video Sales Page For The Natural Health Videos, Tutorials And eBooksWith this video sales page, you can maximize your sales of the natural health videos, tutorials and eBooks.

It features a high quality sales video that introduces people to all the natural health content in this package and expertly written sales copy that highlights the benefits of purchasing these natural health videos, tutorials and eBook.

The elements of the video sales page come in the following formats:

  • A High Quality MP4 Video
  • An Easy To Edit HTML Sales Page

Module 8 – 3 Sales Emails For The Natural Health Videos, Tutorials And eBooks

Module 8 - 3 Sales Emails For The Natural Health Videos, Tutorials And eBooksThese sales emails have been specifically designed to educate your subscribers about the dangers of the toxins people are exposed to on a daily basis and then pose this natural health course as a solution.

This highly engaging topic combined with a high value solution is sure to maximize your sales conversions. Add them to your autoresponder or use them as broadcasts to generate continuous sales.

The emails come as easy to edit Microsoft Word documents and contain over 800 words of professionally written copy.

Module 9 – 73 Social Graphics

Module 9 - 73 Social GraphicsInspirational quotes and helpful tips are one of the most effective tools for starting conversations and getting engagement on social media sites.

You can use these beautiful social graphics for engaging with natural health enthusiasts and making them aware of this natural health course.

The graphics contain a mixture of inspirational quotes and natural health tips and are delivered in a JPG format.




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