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Complete Natural Health Stock Course Volume 3

Volume 3 of a complete natural health PLR course containing 113 video tutorials. Natural Health Videos 1-42.

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Video is the most powerful type of online content you can produce. 66% of all Internet traffic is now video and 60% of people prefer watching video compared with reading text.

With these 100+ video tutorials, you can leverage the power of video in the natural health space. Use them to wow your customers by providing them with a complete and comprehensive video course.

The videos are provided in an MP4 format and broken down into four categories; beauty, health, home and recipes.

Here are the 42 Health video tutorials you get:

  1. 5 Natural Pain Relievers
  2. Benefits of Natural Sunlight
  3. Black Tea For Canker Sore
  4. Brewers Yeast For B Vitamins & Overall Health
  5. Carbonated Water For Foot Tendonitis
  6. Cayenne Pepper For Foot Pain
  7. Cayenne Pepper Poultice
  8. Cold Temperatures To Boost Metabolism
  9. Coriander & Cardamom Fever Reducer
  10. Diuretic Foods
  11. Dry Brushing Before A Shower
  12. Eucalyptus To Relieve Allergies
  13. Eucalyptus To Relieve Asthma Symptoms
  14. Eczema Bath
  15. Hops To Ease Anxiety
  16. Hot Cold Foot Soak
  17. Increase Sulfur Intake For Improved Health
  18. Insomnia Relief
  19. Kombucha Scoby Bandage
  20. Lacto-Fermented Carrot & Ginger
  21. Lavender For Stress-Reducing Cookies
  22. Lavender Oil To Heal A Burn
  23. Natural Mouthwash
  24. Natural Muscle Pain Relief
  25. Natural Nose Bleed Remedy
  26. Natural Sleep Aid Honey & Sea Salt
  27. Natural Solution For Hormonal Imbalance
  28. Natural Sun Protection
  29. Oil Pulling
  30. Olive Oil For Constipation
  31. Olive Oil for Eczema
  32. Olives For Motion Sickness
  33. Onion For Bug Bites
  34. Papaya Dessert For Digestion
  35. Papaya Seed for Intestinal Health
  36. Pencil For Headache Relief
  37. Psoriasis Solutions
  38. Rice Water For Stomach Ache
  39. Sugar For Hiccups
  40. Witch Hazel For Blisters
  41. Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids Diaper Rash & Postpartum
  42. Yogurt For Bad Breath