DIY Cup Holders And Coasters Crafts Stock Tutorials


Get more social media traffic and followers with these 5 DIY Cup Holders And Coasters Crafts Stock Tutorials. These crafts tutorials have a total word count of 2,198 words and contain 49 craft photos. Each tutorial includes text instructions that describe each step of the craft preparation and craft photos that show how to make the craft.



Crafts tutorials are one of the most popular types of content on social media and receive huge amounts of clicks, shares and engagement on social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

You can use these 5 DIY Cup Holders And Coasters Stock Tutorials to leverage the popularity of this content format and increase your engagement levels on social media.

Here are the five crafts tutorials included in this package:

1 – Colorful Felt Beverage Coaster

Colorful Felt Beverage Coaster

  • 377 words
  • 9 photos

2 – Holiday Coaster

Holiday Coaster

  • 554 words
  • 6 photos

3 – Hot Cup Holder

Hot Cup Holder

  • 519 words
  • 15 photos

4 – Popsicle Stick Coaster

Popsicle Stick Coaster

  • 343 words
  • 10 photos

5 – Stone And Felt Hotpad/Coaster

Stone And Felt Hotpad/Coaster

  • 405 words
  • 9 photos




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