DIY Home Organization Crafts Stock Tutorials


Grow your audience on social media with these 10 DIY Home Organization Crafts Stock Tutorials. These crafts tutorials have a total word count of 4,877 words and contain 134 craft photos. Each tutorial contains step by step text instructions that guide readers through the craft preparation and photos that visually outline each of the steps.



Having a clean, organized home is something that almost everyone strives for and because of this, people are constantly looking for content that will help them keep their home tidy and organized.

You can use these 10 DIY Home Organization Crafts Stock Tutorials to provide people with practical content that will help them organize all areas of their home and introduce them to your business at the same time.

Use the tutorials to create visual social media posts that grow your audience or give them away as a free download to grow your email list.

Here are the 10 crafts tutorials included in this package:

1 – Egg Carton Display Box

Egg Carton Display Box

  • 395 words
  • 12 photos

2 – iPod Case

iPod Case

  • 738 words
  • 21 photos

3 – Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

  • 846 words
  • 21 photos

4 – Mason Jar Desk Containers

Mason Jar Desk Containers

  • 267 words
  • 7 photos

5 – Pencil And Marker Organizer

Pencil And Marker Organizer

  • 434 words
  • 12 photos

6 – Piggy Earphone Cable Tie

Piggy Earphone Cable Tie

  • 607 words
  • 15 photos

7 – Plastic Cap Sealer

Plastic Cap Sealer

  • 362 words
  • 10 photos

8 – Pringles Kitchen Storage

Pringles Kitchen Storage

  • 312 words
  • 11 photos

9 – Scissors Case

Scissors Case

  • 450 words
  • 13 photos

10 – Simple Pen Pouch

Simple Pen Pouch

  • 466 words
  • 12 photos




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