Fitness T-Shirt Stock Designs


Get more sales on social and add an extra income stream to your business today with these 10 professional PLR fitness t-shirt designs. Each design features a funny fitness phrase and vibrant graphics, measures 3200 x 4000 pixels and comes in both a PSD format and PNG format.



Over 7 million t-shirts are sold online every single year and they're a product that can be sold by any business, in any market.

However, despite the huge profit potential of t-shirts, starting to sell them can be extremely difficult and costly. You have to spend hours researching and coming up with t-shirt design ideas. Then once you have your design ideas, you have to pay a professional designer to create the final design for you – a service that costs an average of $400 per t-shirt.

With these 10 fitness t-shirt PLR designs, you can start selling t-shirts today without having to invest huge amounts of your own time and money into the design process.

The designs are based on 10 of the most popular fitness phrases and themes, and will help you generate huge levels of engagement and high conversions with t-shirt buyers.

Fitness T-Shirt PLR Designs

Here are the phrases featured in each of the 10 designs:

  1. Oh My Quad
  2. Working My Fat Into Fab
  3. Meet Me At The Bar
  4. I Run So I Can Eat Cupcakes
  5. I'd Flex But I Like This Shirt
  6. Installing Muscles…Please Wait
  7. Recovering Couch Potato
  8. Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
  9. This Isn't Sweat, It's Liquid Awesome
  10. Obama Can't Ban These Guns

Each design measures 3200 x 4000 pixels and is provided in three different formats:

  • A PNG format (which you can use to start selling your t-shirt design within minutes – just upload it to an online t-shirt printing service or take it to a local t-shirt printing company)
  • A PSD format (which you can use to customize the design and make it unique)
  • A mockup design (which you can use to market the t-shirt and showcase it to prospective customers)




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