Golf Stock Content


A 10 article Golf PLR series that covers getting started with golf. Includes, tips, buying clubs and golf etiquette.


1. Why Golf is a Great Sport to Take Up – 492 words

2 Choosing the Right Set of Clubs – 555 words

3. Choosing Where to Play Golf – Should You Join a Club – 440 words

4. Deciding Whether You Need Golf Lessons – 536 words

5. Golf Accessories that may Help Your Progress – 463 words

6. Learning the Etiquette of Golf – 490 words

7. Should You Rent Clubs or Buy Your Own – 489 words

8. Taking the Time to Learn the Rules – 511 words

9. The Most Common Problems that People Have Playing Golf – 446 words

10. Why It's Important to Keep Practicing – 488 words



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