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HD Core Exercise Videos

Grow your business with these 8 HD Core Exercise Videos. Each video is delivered in a HD MP4 format and shows viewers how to perform a core strengthening exercise.

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Watch The Video Below For A Sample:

Millions of people search for exercises to strengthen their core, flatten their abs and tighten their tummy every day.

You can use these 8 HD Core Exercise Videos to reach these people and introduce them to your business.

Each video features a personal trainer who demonstrates how to perform a core strengthening exercise which is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The videos have a total run time of 7 minutes and 49 seconds, and are delivered in a HD MP4 format.

Here's exactly what's covered in each video:

1 – Banana Rolls

Banana RollsVideo Length = 01:06

This video shows viewers how to perform banana rolls – a complete core exercises that targets the abs, obliques and lower back. It's a fantastic exercise for building strength and flexibility in these areas of the body.

2 – Bow To Boat

Bow To BoatVideo Length = 01:10

Bow to boat is an effective core exercise that works the abs and lower back. In addition to strengthening these core muscles, this exercise also increases mobility in the arms, shoulders and legs.

3 – Leaning Crescent Lunges

Leaning Crescent LungeVideo Length = 00:39

This video demonstrates leaning crescent lunges – a full body exercise that strengthens and tones many of the core muscles. Not only is this a great exercise for developing core strength but it also helps to improve posture.

4 – Low Lateral Skaters

Low Lateral SkatersVideo Length = 01:04

This video shows viewers how to perform low lateral skaters – a multi-functional exercise that has numerous benefits. The movements in this exercise fully engage the core muscles and they also enhance the range of motion in the legs and shoulders.

5 – Lunge And Reach

Lunge And ReachVideo Length = 01:00

Lunge and reach is a twisting exercise that targets the lower back, abs and obliques. It's a great exercise for developing core stability and also very effective at toning and defining the abs.

6 – Shifted Hands Push Ups

Twisted Hands Push UpsVideo Length = 01:02

This video shows viewers how to perform twisted hands push ups – a variation of standard push ups that increases the emphasis on the core muscles. The exercise involves adjusting the hand position and balancing on one leg to fully engage the abs, obliques and lower back.

7 – Side Hip Raise

Side Hip RaiseVideo Length = 01:04

Side hip raise is an excellent exercise for targeting the oblique muscles at the side of the body. The movement of the exercise strengthens and tones the oblique muscles, and also boosts flexibility in this area of the body.

8 – Squat Run

Squat RunVideo Length = 00:44

This video demonstrates how to perform the squat run – an exercise that acts as a cardio and strength training movement. The arm motions in this exercise primarily target the core muscles but the exercise is also great for burning body fat and developing functional strength in the arms and legs.