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HD Functional Strength Exercise Videos

Grow your business with these 10 HD Functional Strength Videos. Each video is delivered in a HD MP4 format and demonstrates a functional strength exercise.

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Watch The Video Below For A Sample:

Functional strength is a hugely popular topic with millions of people looking for solutions that help them increase their functional strength every month.

With these 10 HD Functional Strength Exercise Videos, you can provide these people with a high quality solution to their problem and convert them into leads or customers.

The videos feature a male personal trainer who shows viewers the proper form for 10 top functional strength exercises.

The exercises in the videos are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The videos have a total run time of 9 minutes and 58 seconds, and are delivered in a HD MP4 format.

Here's exactly what's covered in each video:

1 – Standard Push Ups

Standard Push UpsVideo Length = 00:55

This video shows viewers how to perform one of the most popular functional strength exercises – standard push ups. It requires no equipment and helps viewers to develop functional strength in their chest. This additional functional strength makes it much easier for them to perform common lifting movements throughout the day.

2 – Military Push Ups

Military Push UpsVideo Length = 00:50

Military push ups are similar to standard push ups but bring the hands closer together to place more emphasis on the triceps. They're great for building functional strength in the arms which is useful for carrying objects during the day.

3 – Wide Fly Push Ups

Wide Fly Push UpsVideo Length = 01:00

This video demonstrates how to perform wide fly push ups. The wide grip of this exercises places a lot of emphasis on the shoulders and helps to develop functional strength in this area of the body. Not only does this help with proper posture but it also protects against a range of common injuries associated with day to day activities.

4 – Decline Push Ups

Decline Push UpsVideo Length = 01:00

Decline push ups are an extremely effective functional strength exercise which work the core muscles. Strong core muscles help to prevent lower back pain and also provide the solid foundation that's necessary to perform almost any physical activity efficiently.

5 – Diamond Push Ups

Diamond Push UpsVideo Length = 01:01

This video shows viewers how to perform diamond push ups. This variation of standard push ups uses a more challenging arm and foot placement which makes it perfect for people who find standard push ups too easy. Since diamond push ups are more difficult, they're great for building a more advanced level of functional strength.

6 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

Dive Bomber Push UpsVideo Length = 01:07

Dive bomber push ups develop functional strength in the chest, lower back and shoulders. They're a fantastic choice for people who want to improve multiple aspects of their functional strength with a single movement.

7 – Standard Pull Ups

Standard Pull UpsVideo Length = 00:58

This video demonstrates how to perform the standard pull up. This is another extremely functional strength exercise which builds up the muscles in the arms, shoulders and upper back. The extra functional strength in these muscles can then be used to perform any lifting and climbing movements more easily.

8 – Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups

Closed Grip Overhand Pull UpsVideo Length = 00:58

Closed grip overhand pull ups are a more challenging variation of standard pull ups. They incorporate a closer hand grip which places much more emphasis on the forearms and help build functional strength in this area of the body. This added functional strength in the forearms has a positive impact on grip and makes it much easier to perform any daily activities which require strong grip.

9 – Chin Ups

Chin UpsVideo Length = 00:59

This video shows viewers how to perform chin ups. Chin ups are great for developing functional strength in the arms and shoulders. This extra functional strength is perfect for carrying out pulling and lifting movements during the day.

10 – Heavy Pulls

Heavy PantsVideo Length = 01:09

Heavy pulls are an excellent exercise for developing deep functional strength. They use a rowing movement which develops the functional strength that's necessary to perform any heavy lifting movements effectively and without injury.