HD Healthy Fruit And Yogurt Drink Recipes Stock Vertical Video Bundle


Grow your business with these 5 HD Healthy Fruit And Yogurt Drink Recipe PLR Vertical Videos.

The videos have a total run time of 1 minute and 36 seconds, are delivered in a HD MP4 format and are created in a professional recording studio.


Consumers spend over $29 billion per year on yogurt drinks.

They’re quick, versatile, easy to prepare and a great healthy breakfast or snack option. This makes yogurt drink recipes very popular with health-conscious consumers on social media.

With these 5 HD Healthy Fruit And Drink Recipe PLR Vertical Videos, you can connect with the millions of consumers who are searching for healthy eating options on social media and take advantage of the incredibly popular vertical video format at the same time.

The videos are shot in a short, fast-paced style and show viewers how to make five simple fruit and yogurt drink recipes.

The vertical format means they can be used to easily make videos for Instagram Stories, Snapchat, IGTV and other social media sites that support vertical video.

You can also use still frames from the video to create vertical food photos and graphics that are perfect for Pinterest.

Alternatively, you can use the videos as part of a mobile optimized, premium digital product that gives viewers the best possible viewing experience on their phone.

Here are the recipes and run times for each of the five videos:

  1. Banana Yogurt Drink: 00:20
  2. Black Currant Yogurt Drink: 00:20
  3. Blueberry Yogurt Drink: 00:19
  4. Cherry Yogurt Drink: 00:18
  5. Raspberry Yogurt Drink: 00:19



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