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HD Healthy Infused Water Recipes Stock Video Bundle

Get more email subscribers with these 5 HD Healthy Infused Water PLR Videos.

The videos have a total run time of 1 minute and 26 seconds, are delivered in a HD MP4 format, and are created in a professional recording studio.

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Millions of people in the health, wellness and weight loss markets search for infused water recipes every day.

Infused water contains zero calories (which makes it very popular with people who want to lose weight), it’s a healthy and refreshing alternative to unflavored water, and it’s a great solution for flushing toxins out of the body (which makes it very with people who want to detox).

With these 5 HD Healthy Infused Water Recipe PLR Videos, you can connect with the millions of people who search for infused water recipes and encourage them to learn more about your website, products, and services.

The videos are shot in a short, fast paced style and show viewers how to make put together five quick and easy infused water recipes.

Use the videos to create a premium product for people who want to detox and lose weight or add the videos to your blog posts to get more traffic.

Here are the recipes and run times for each of the five videos:

  1. Cherry Lime Infused Water: 00:13
  2. Cucumber Mint Infused Water: 00:15
  3. Orange Mint Infused Water: 00:13
  4. Peach Ginger Infused Water: 00:20
  5. Strawberry Basil Infused Water: 00:13