HD Kettlebell Exercises Video And Content Bundle


Get more leads and customers with this HD Kettlebell Exercises Video And Content Bundle. The bundle includes 10 HD kettlebell exercise videos, a 2,898 word report with a flat and 3D eCover, and 51 exercise photos.


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Video represents 66% of all Internet traffic and is the most heavily consumed type of online content.

With this HD Kettlebell Exercises Video And Content Bundle you can capitalize on the popularity of online video and use it to attract fresh leads and customers to your business.

Give the content away as a lead magnet and use it to grow your email list, or use it create a high value video course that boosts your sales.

Here's exactly what you get in this HD Kettlebell Exercises Video And Content Bundle

10 HD Kettlebell Exercise Videos

10 HD Ketlebell Exercise Videos

These videos feature a male personal trainer who shows viewers the proper form for 10 top kettlebell exercises.

All the exercises can be performed with a single kettlebell and are perfect for increasing core stability, flexibility, muscle size and strength.

The videos have a total run time of 10 minutes and 13 seconds, and are delivered in a HD MP4 format.

Here are the 10 exercises featured in these videos:

  1. Kettlebell Deadlift = 01:04
  2. Kettlebell Figure 8 = 00:45
  3. Kettlebell Goblet Squat = 00:53
  4. Kettlebell High Pull = 01:01
  5. Kettlebell Lunge Press = 01:02
  6. Kettlebell Russian Swing = 01:07
  7. Kettlebell Russian Twist = 01:01
  8. Kettlebell Slingshot = 01:02
  9. Kettlebell Turkish Getup = 01:11
  10. Kettlebell Windmill = 01:07

Kettlebell Exercises Report

Kettlebell Exercises Report

This report contains detailed text and photo instructions for each of the 10 kettlebell exercises from the HD videos.

It has a total word count of 2,898 words and features 51 exercise photos.

You get two versions of the report included in your download – a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

You also get an eye catching flat and 3D eCover which comes in two formats – a Photoshop PSD format and a PNG format.

Kettlebell Exercise Photos

Kettlebell Exercise Photos

Each of the 51 exercise photos from the report are also provided separately in a JPG format.

You can use them to easily create a wide range of visual pieces of content such as:

  • Infographics
  • Social Media Updates
  • Workout Cards

Individual Kettlebell Exercise Guides

Individual Kettlebell Exercise GuidesEach of the 10 kettlebell exercises from the report are also provided individually as both a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

You can use them to quickly create engaging, visual content such as:

  • Blog Posts
  • Email Updates
  • Printables




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