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HD Leg And Bicep Exercise Videos

Grow your audience and increase your sales with these 10 HD Leg And Bicep Exercise Videos. Each video is delivered in a HD MP4 format and shows viewers how to perform an exercise that targets the muscles in their arms or legs.

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Watch The Video Below For A Sample:

Bigger arms, leaner legs and a toned butt are some of the most common fitness goals. Every day, millions of men and women search for exercises that will give them bigger arms, leaner legs and a more toned butt.

With these 10 HD Leg And Bicep Exercise Videos, you can give these people the solution they're looking for and introduce them to your business.

Give them away for free to build your audience or compile them into a paid product and increase your sales.

Each video features a male fitness professional who demonstrates how to perform these exercises and provides expert tips.

The videos have a total run time of 10 minutes and 57 seconds, and are delivered in a HD MP4 format.

Here's exactly what's covered in each video:

1 – Balance Lunges

Balance LungesVideo Length = 01:12

Balance lunges are a great exercise for the legs. Not only do they allow people to strengthen and tone multiple muscles in their legs but they also help them improve their balance – a core functional skill that has multiple applications.

2 – Calf Raise Squats

Calf Raise SquatsVideo Length = 01:03

This video demonstrates how to perform calf raise squats which target the lower part of the legs. They're fantastic for people who want to tone their calves or get more strength in their ankles.

3 – Crouching Curls

Crouching CurlsVideo Length = 01:17

Crouching curls are one of the best ways to target the biceps and legs in a single movement. The crouch part of the exercise works multiple muscles in the legs while the curl part of the exercise fully focuses on the biceps.

4 – Curl Up Hammer Down

Curl Up Hammer DownVideo Length = 00:49

This video shows viewers how to perform the curl up hammer down exercise – an interesting variation of standard bicep curls. The upward motion of the exercise is exactly the same as a standard curl and then the downward motion twists the dumbbells into a hammer position to work the biceps in a different way.

5 – Full Supination Concentration Curls

Full Supination Concentration CurlsVideo Length = 01:00

Full supination concentration curls are one of the most targeted bicep exercises. They work these muscles at the front of the arms fully, making them great for people who want bigger, stronger or more toned arms.

6 – In And Out Bicep Curls

In And Out Bicep CurlsVideo Length = 00:51

This exercise demonstrates in and out bicep curls – an exercise that involves consistently moving the position of the arm during dumbbell curls. This helps to give the biceps a complete workout and also enhances mobility in the arms.

7 – Static Arm Curls

Static Arm CurlsVideo Length = 01:07

Static arm curls are one of the most challenging but effective bicep exercises. They involve holding one dumbbell in a fixed curl position and then actively curling the second dumbbell in a fluid motion.

8 – Step Back Lunges

Step Back LungesVideo Length = 01:13

This exercise shows viewers how to perform step back lunges – a brilliant compound exercise that builds multiple muscles in the legs.

9 – Super Skaters

Super SkatersVideo Length = 01:15

Super skaters are an excellent balance and mobility exercise for the legs. The balancing aspect of the exercise also strengthens the muscles in the legs, making them a perfect all round exercise for the lower body.

10 – Wall Squats

Wall SquatsVideo Length = 01:10

This video demonstrates how to perform wall squats – a lower body exercise that looks simple but is actually very challenging. It uses a wall for support and gives all the leg muscles a complete workout.