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Healthy Foods Social Videos

Build your social following with these 10 Healthy Foods Videos. Each video covers a food that’s a healthy source of carbohydrates and is delivered in an MP4 format. The videos cover the amount of calories per serving, the amount of carbohydrates per serving and the benefits of the specific food.

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Watch The Video Below For A Sample:

Over 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook daily which makes it the perfect platform to reach fresh prospects and convert them into customers.

With these, 10 Healthy Foods Videos you can tap into the massive audience for Facebook video and use it to instantly grow your business.

All the videos are silent (which makes them ideal for mobile viewing and allows them to work seamlessly with Facebook's autoplay feature), contain valuable information (which increases their chances of being shared) and have a short run time (which means you can fully capture the attention of everyone who watches them).

Use the videos to get more engagement on the social platforms or add them to your blog posts to provide valuable visual information.

Here's exactly what's covered in each of these videos…

Health Benefits Of Apples1 – Health Benefits Of Apples

Video Length = 00:19

This video highlights the top five health benefits of apples – one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Use it to capture the attention of people who want to improve their eating habits and guide them to your website.



Health Benefits Of Beef2 – Health Benefits Of Beef

Video Length = 00:19

This video showcases five of the main health benefits of beef – a nutritious meat that's packed with protein, healthy fats and many other essential vitamins and minerals.

Use it to put yourself in front of people interested in healthy foods and then introduce them to the products and services you have to offer.


Health Benefits Of Black Tea3 – Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Video Length = 00:19

This video covers five of the key benefits of a healthy and hydrating drink – black tea.

Use it to reach people interested in healthy eating and build a loyal audience.




Health Benefits Of Blueberries4 – Health Benefits Of Blueberries

Video Length = 00:19

This video focuses on the superfood blueberries and outlines five of their main benefits.

Use it to reach people who want to know more about healthy foods and give them a positive first impression of your brand.



Health Benefits Of Chicken5 – Health Benefits Of Chicken

Video Length = 00:19

This video highlights five of the top health benefits of chicken – a low calorie, nutrient rich meat.

Use it to engage with people who want to learn more about the health boosting properties of chicken and then convert them into subscribers or customers.



Health Benefits Of Coffee6 – Health Benefits Of Coffee

Video Length = 00:19

This video covers five key benefits of coffee – an energy boosting drink that supports good health in numerous ways.

Use it to appeal to coffee drinkers and get them engaging with your business.



Health Benefits Of Ginger7 – Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Video Length = 00:19

This video outlines five of the main benefits of ginger tea – a flavor packed drink that supports good health.

Use it to target people who are looking for new healthy foods they can add to their diet and introduce them the products and services you have to offer.


Health Benefits Of Green Tea8 – Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Video Length = 00:19

This video focuses on the antioxidant rich drink green tea and covers five of its top health benefits.

Use it to leverage the huge amount of interest in green tea and generate more awareness for your business.



Health Benefits Of Green Tea9 – Health Benefits Of Oranges

Video Length = 00:19

This video highlights five key benefits of oranges – a juicy fruit that's rich in vitamin C and many other essential nutrients.

Use it to put your business in front of people looking for clean eating tips and grow your audience.



Health Benefits Of Salmon10 – Health Benefits Of Salmon

Video Length = 00:19

This video focuses on the main benefits of salmon – a fish that's rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and protein.

Use it to reach people who are seeking information on healthy foods and direct them to your website, products or services.