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Healthy Recipes Stock Cookbook With Food Photos

A 5,978 word PLR cookbook which contains 20 quick, easy and tasty healthy meals. The cookbook contains a list of the required ingredients and step by step text instructions for preparing the recipes, along with a total of 172 food photos.

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Healthy Recipes PLR Cookbook Overview

The 20 quick and healthy recipes included in this cookbook are listed below:

  1. Baked Honey Paprika Chicken Tenders Recipe
  2. Beef Honey Curry Stir Fry Recipe
  3. Cardamom Coconut Balls Recipe
  4. Chicken BBQ Wrap Recipe
  5. Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana Treats Recipe
  6. Fruits & Cream Tortilla Recipe
  7. Goat Cheese Quesadilla Recipe
  8. Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Recipe
  9. Honey Cheddar Sourdough Grilled Cheese Recipe
  10. Loaded Chicken Pasta Soup Recipe
  11. Mussels & Linguine Pasta Recipe
  12. One Pot Cantonese Noodles Recipe
  13. Pasta Arabiata Recipe
  14. Pasta With Mushroom & Asparagus Recipe
  15. Quick & Easy Lomein Recipe
  16. Sausage & Shrimp Rice Recipe
  17. Sizzling Chicken Mushroom Recipe
  18. Smoked Pork Sausage Hakka Noodles Recipe
  19. Smoked Salmon Rollups Recipe
  20. Tomyao Sprouts Salad With Peppery Vinaigrette Recipe