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Hidden Sugars Stock Content Bundle

Grow your email list and get more website traffic with this Hidden Sugars PLR Content Bundle. The bundle includes a report, five articles and 10 social graphics that discuss the hidden sugars our diets, the dangers of sugar, healthy sugar alternatives and more.

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Access to over 10,000+ articles, reports, videos and blog posts

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Sugar is one of the most talked about health topics in the mainstream media, with stories based around the hidden sugars in our diet, sugar taxes and healthy sugar alternatives getting huge amounts of attention.

You can use this content to leverage the huge amount of interest in sugar, and use it to get more email subscribers and raise awareness of your business.

Here's exactly what's included in this content bundle…

Hidden Sugars Report

Hidden Sugars ReportThis 3,581 word report can be used as a lead magnet or paid product. It covers:

  • How Much Sugar You Should Be Eating
  • Checking Labels For Sugar And What To Look Out For
  • Good And Bad Sugars
  • The Biggest Hidden Sugar Culprits
  • Ways To Avoid Hidden Sugars In Products

You get two versions of the report included in your download – a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

You also get an eye catching flat and 3D eCover which comes in two formats – a Photoshop PSD format and a PNG format.

5 Sugar Articles

5 Sugar ArticlesThese five sugar articles have a total word count of 2,609 words and cover some of the most talked about sugar related topics. The're perfect for blog content, email copy or social media updates. They cover:

  • The Benefits Of Quitting Sugar = 546 words
  • Why You Should Limit Your Sugar Intake = 500 words
  • High Sugar Fruits To Avoid = 542 words
  • Healthy Alternatives To Refined Sugar = 501 words
  • Low Sugar Alternatives To Soda = 520 words

These articles are provided in a Microsoft Word format.

10 Sugar Facts Social Graphics

10 Sugar Facts Social GraphicsThese 10 sugar facts social graphics highlight some of the most shocking sugar facts. They're ideal for boosting your engagement on social platforms and raising awareness of your business. They highlight the following sugar facts:

  • Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar every year.
  • Each year, the average American eats the equivalent of 1,767,900 Skittles in sugar.
  • The average adult American eats more than twice the American Heart Association's maximum recommended daily sugar intake.
  • Our sugar consumption is both in plain sight and hidden, ingested from the most unlikely places.
  • One can of coke, 12 ounces, contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.
  • The average American consumes 53 gallons of soda a year.
  • If you took away all the sugar in an average American diet, you would subtract 500 calories per day.
  • Sugar doesn't contain any vitamins or minerals (they're empty calories).
  • Sugar causes deposition of fat in the liver.
  • Sugar raises your risk of heart disease and obesity.

The social graphics measure 500 x 500 pixels and are delivered in a JPG format.