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Muscle Building Diet Stock Videos Volume 3

Volume 3 of a huge PLR bundle that includes 10 HD muscle building diet tips videos. This volume features Videos 7-10.

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Eating the right foods is essential for building strong, toned, well defined muscles BUT it's something that so many people neglect.

With this complete content package, you can help people stop making this critical muscle building mistake and show them exactly what they need to be eating to gain the physique they desire.

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Video 7 – How Healthy Fats Support Muscle Growth

Video Length = 02:13

This video runs through the various ways that healthy fats help to build muscle. It covers:

  1. How Healthy Fats Support The Muscle Cells
  2. How Healthy Fats Increase Energy Levels
  3. How Healthy Fats Increase Protein Absorption
  4. How Healthy Fats Reduce Muscle Inflammation
  5. How Healthy Increase The Production Of Muscle Building Hormones

Video 8 – How Protein Supports Muscle Growth

Video Length = 01:33

This video discusses the importance of protein for muscle growth and how this nutrient helps to develop stronger, bigger muscles. It covers:

  1. How Protein Builds, Maintains And Repairs Your Muscle Cells
  2. How Protein Supports Smooth Muscle Contractions
  3. How Protein Increases Your Workout Intensity

Video 9 – How Water Supports Muscle Growth

Video Length = 01:41

This video explains why getting plenty of water each day is essential for strong, healthy muscles. It covers:

  1. How Water Promotes Optimal Muscle Mass
  2. How Water Increase Your Strength Levels
  3. How Water Enhances Post Workout Muscle Recovery

Video 10 – The Main Muscle Building Food Groups

Video Length = 02:10

This video outlines the four main food groups viewers should be consuming to achieve their muscle-building goals. It covers:

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Healthy Fats
  4. Water