Natural Health Tips Stock Social Graphics


A pack of 20 social graphics which each contain natural health tips.


The graphics contain the following natural health tips:

  1. Honey as a cleanser
  2. Papaya as a skin lightener
  3. Avocado as a face mask
  4. Watermelon for sunburn protection
  5. Dark cherries for reducing belly fat
  6. Dark chocolate for heart health
  7. Berries for antioxidant protection
  8. Green tea as a metabolism booster
  9. Green tea and white tea as a face mask
  10. Warm ginger tea with honey for reducing inflammation
  11. Sugar with lemon juice as an anti-aging hand cream
  12. Noni juice as a moisturizer
  13. Grape seed extract for skin elasticity
  14. Walking for skin health
  15. Coconut oil and shea butter as a moisturizer
  16. Olive oil for skin cell regeneration
  17. Fenugreek for skin problems
  18. Aloe vera for wrinkles
  19. Ginger for antioxidant protection
  20. Banana for skin rejuvenation

Each social graphic measures 500 x 500 pixels and is delivered in a JPG format.



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