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Partner Workouts Stock eBook

Stand out from your competitors with this Partner Workouts Stock eBook. The report is 28 pages long, has a total word count of 8,314 words and shows people how they can have fun and improve their fitness with partner workouts.

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Covering popular topics in unique and interesting ways is one of the best ways to make your content stand out, and get lots of traffic and attention.

With this Partner Workouts Stock eBook, you can do just that and cover the popular topics of fitness and working out in a very original way.

This eBook is perfect for reaching couples who want to workout together, friends who want fun exercises they can do together, moms who want workouts they can do with their kids or anyone who doesn't like exercising alone.

Use it to create a paid product and increase your profits or give it away for free to grow your email list.

The eBook covers:

  • The Benefits Of Partner Workouts
  • Partner Balance Exercise
  • Partner Bodyweight Exercises
  • Partner Flexibility Exercises
  • Partner Medicine Ball Exercises
  • Partner Free Weight Exercises
  • Partner Cardio Exercises
  • Formulating An Effective Partner Workout Plan

It contains a total of 30 partner exercises and each exercise description includes:

  • A list of the equipment required to perform the exercise
  • Step by step instructions describing how to perform the exercise
  • Multiple variations of the exercise that increase the difficulty and intensity of the exercise

You get two versions of the eBook included in your download – a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version.

You also get an eye catching flat and 3D eCover which comes in two formats – a Photoshop PSD format and a PNG format.