Protein Stock Video And Content Bundle


A huge PLR bundle which includes 30 HD protein rich foods videos, a 12,000+ word eBook with eCovers, 10 articles and 10 emails.


Watch The Video Below For A Sample:

Video is the most popular and widely consumed type of online content you can produce, with Facebook video in particular becoming a powerhouse in this space:

  • Over 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every single day
  • Facebook users are seeing 360% more video in their news feed than a year ago
  • The average reach of Facebook videos is 33% higher than all other types of Facebook content

You can use this complete Facebook video and content solution to reach fresh prospects on Facebook, establish yourself as an authority in your market and start selling profitable products, without having to create any content yourself.

Here's exactly what's included in this content package…

30 HD Protein Rich Foods Videos

30 HD Protein Rich Food Videos

Millions of bodybuilders, Paleo dieters and low carb eaters use Facebook to discuss diet tips and food recommendations each day.

You can use these videos to reach and engage with these people on Facebook, and introduce them to your brand.

The videos are silent and contain lots of text, so are ideal for standing out and grabbing people’s attention when they autoplay in the Facebook news feed.

They’re also short and packed with useful information which keeps people engaged and makes people eager to learn more about your business, products and services.

Each video is delivered in a HD MP4 format, has a 19 second run time and comes in two different sizes:

  • 1080 x 1080 Square
  • 1280 x 720 Rectangle (Facebook’s recommended video dimensions)

The 30 protein rich foods covered in these videos are:

  1. Almonds
  2. Beef
  3. Brazil Nuts
  4. Cashew Nuts
  5. Chia Seeds
  6. Chicken
  7. Chickpeas
  8. Cottage Cheese
  9. Crab
  10. Dried Coconut
  11. Eggs
  12. Flax Seeds
  13. Greek Yogurt
  14. Green Peas
  15. Halibut
  16. Milk
  17. Parmesan Cheese
  18. Peanuts
  19. Pork Loin
  20. Pumpkin Seeds
  21. Salmon
  22. Sesame Seeds
  23. Soy Beans
  24. Sunflower Seeds
  25. Swordfish
  26. Tuna
  27. Turkey
  28. Venison
  29. Walnuts
  30. Whey Protein Isolate

Protein eBook With eCover

Protein eBook With eCoverThis eBook provides readers with full nutritional information for 100 different high protein foods and can be used to create an instant paid product.

It’s loaded with quality information that people who are interested in increasing their protein intake will happily pay for. Or, you can use it as a high value lead magnet and build a solid email list.

The eBook is 62 pages long, contains 12,538 words of expertly crafted content and covers a wide range of protein rich foods and food sources.

You get two copies of the eBook included in your download:

  • An Easy To Edit Microsoft Word Copy
  • A Ready To Distribute PDF Copy

You also get a professionally designed flat and 3D eCover that you can use to market this eBook which comes in two formats:

  • A Fully Editable PSD Format
  • A Ready To Publish PNG Format

The eBook covers:

  • 10 High Protein Beans
  • 10 High Protein Dairy Foods
  • 10 High Protein Fish
  • 10 High Protein Fruits
  • 10 High Protein Grains
  • 10 High Protein Meats
  • 10 High Protein Nuts
  • 10 High Protein Seeds
  • 10 High Protein Vegetables
  • 10 High Protein Supplements
  • Printable Protein Cheat Sheets

10 Protein Articles

10 Protein ArticlesOver 1 million people search for the protein based keywords covered in these articles every single month.

You can use these articles to put your business, products and services in front of people searching for further information on protein. Just publish them on your blog or website to start getting more targeted search engine traffic.

The articles contain 5,022 words of fully researched content, are delivered in a Microsoft Word format and cover:

  1. What Is Protein? = 417 words
  2. The Benefits Of Protein = 434 words
  3. The Dangers Of Protein Overdose = 442 words
  4. The Risks Of Protein Deficiency = 406 words
  5. How Much Protein Should You Be Eating? = 531 words
  6. Top 5 Protein Rich Fish = 527 words
  7. Top 5 Protein Rich Meat = 578 words
  8. Top 5 Protein Rich Nuts = 566 words
  9. Top 5 Protein Rich Seeds = 518 words
  10. Top 5 Protein Rich Vegetables = 603 words

10 Protein Rich Foods Emails

These high converting emails can be used to continuously generate sales of the protein eBook.

Each email provides readers with an overview of a specific protein rich food and then guides them to the protein eBook. The engaging topic will maximize your email open rates and the way the eBook is presented in the emails will ensure that you get consistent clicks and sales. Use them in your email marketing campaigns to sell the eBook on autopilot.

The emails contain 2,709 words of high value content, are delivered in a Microsoft Word format and cover:

  1. Chicken = 282 words
  2. Tuna = 263 words
  3. Protein Powder = 292 words
  4. Soy Beans = 248 words
  5. Wheat Germ = 270 words
  6. Greek Yogurt = 279 words
  7. Peanuts = 253 words
  8. Apricot Seeds = 288 words
  9. Chickpeas = 245 words
  10. Dried Coconut = 289 words




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