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Running Stock eBook

This running PLR eBook is a perfect standalone product that talks about many aspects of running for those that are beginners at running to get fit. It can also be offered as a great bonus to other fitness products that you are promoting.

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The History of Running as a Way to Keep Fit
Why Running is a Successful Way to Keep Fit
What Considerations Should Be Made Before You Begin a Running Program?
The Basics of Running for Fitness
Coming Up With an Appropriate Running Schedule
Warming Up and Stretching Before Running, and Cooling Down after Running
The Mindset of a Runner
Where to Run and When
Staying Safe When Running
How to Determine Your Fitness as a Runner
Increasing Intensity/Distance/Speed As You Become Fitter
The Cardiovascular Effects of Running
The Effects of Running on Muscles
Common Injuries of Runners and How they Can Be Prevented and Treated
How to Keep Motivated to Run Consistently