Stress Email Series with Social Media Graphics

Are day to day activities stressing you out?  Do you want to know more about how to manage stress and deal with it in a healthy way?  Read on and let your followers and subscribers know how to deal with stress with this email series and social media graphics pack.

This pack contains a 5 part email series about stress and 10 social media graphics that complement them.



It takes a lot to be able to handle the pressures of daily life. With the fast-paced lifestyle and the need to get things done ASAP all the time, it is inevitable that we are always exposed to stress.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to physical and mental health issues.  Learning how to manage it and deal with it so as not to have it affect your health in the long term should be the goal.

This is an email series and social media graphics pack about stress.

This is what you will get with this email series:

  • Email 1: Stress and Ways to Identify It
  • Email 2: The Basics of Relaxation to Reduce Stress
  • Email 3: Supplements and Other Ways to Deal with Stress
  • Email 4: Quick Fixes to Reduce Stress FAST and Other Ways to Deal with It
  • Email 5: How to Stop Stress from Winning

This is what you will get with this social media graphics pack:

10 files of social media graphics that you can use to complement the email series.




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