Sugar Addiction Stock Report


Boost your website traffic with this Sugar Addiction PLR Report.

The report has a total word count of 2,808 words, contains 10 copyright free images, and shows readers how to reduce their dependence on sugar.


Sugar Addiction PLR Report

Americans consume an average of 95 grams of sugar per day which is almost three times the American Heart Association’s daily recommended sugar intake.

This excess sugar consumption is contributing to increased rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity in America, and these diseases collectively cost the country over $100 billion per year.

You can use this Sugar Addiction PLR Report to connect with the millions of consumers who are eating too much sugar and show them how to improve their health by reducing their sugar intake.

It’s provided in both a Microsoft Word and PDF format.

It also includes a flat and 3D eCover which is provided in a PNG and PSD format.

Offer the report as a free download on your website to get more traffic or use it as a lead magnet to get more email subscribers.

Here’s everything that’s covered in this report:

  • Why Is Sugar Addiction So Powerful?
  • What Does A Sugar Craving Cycle Look Like?
  • The Power Of Sugar Addiction
  • Steps To Overcoming Sugar Addiction
  • Low Sugar Food Recommendations

Sugar Addiction PLR Report



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