The Basics of Edible Gardening

People will be drawn to your social media pages that cover such important issues as health and wellbeing. The basics of edible gardening invite you to find out what a fulfilling and therapeutic ‘job’ it is of growing and harvesting for you and your family a daily supply of organic fresh herbs, veggies, fruits and seeds. Learn how.

This report contains 2941 words, plus free images, to introduce your viewers to the basics of edible gardening.







Edible gardening comes with heaps of health as well as therapeutic benefits – it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Those with disabilities, the elderly, as well as children will find it so rewarding, tending to plants and growing their own food. With a bit of planning and some thought, you will love the idea of creating an interesting space, inside or out – your own edible garden. It is highly enjoyable, you get physical exercise and relaxation and on top of that, fresh food perks you would never have dreamed possible!

Here’s what you will find in this report:

  • What all does an edible garden contain?
  • Getting started with your edible garden
  • What are the best containers for an edible garden?
  • Where is the best place to position an edible garden?
  • What kind of soil do I need?
  • What are we going to plant in this edible garden?
  • Here are some special hints to consider when growing an edible garden
  • Seed or seedlings
  • If you really are low in space, there is still the perfect solution – MICRO GREENS
  • Just do it



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