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Weight Loss Mindset Stock Video And Content Bundle Volume 1

Volume 1 of a huge PLR bundle which includes five HD weight loss mindset videos, five HD weight loss exercise videos, an eBook, a report and 15 articles. This volume contains 5 HD weight loss mindset videos.

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A positive mindset is essential for weight loss success but it's something that so many people struggle with.

You can use this complete content package to serve people who need help maintaining a positive attitude towards weight loss.

Here's exactly what's included in volume 1 of this content package:

Video 1 – 5 Simple Tricks For Staying Positive While Losing Weight

Video Length = 02:45

This video contains five effective techniques viewers can use to keep themselves positive on their weight loss journey. It covers:

  1. Finding Enjoyment In Whatever You're Doing
  2. Getting Creative In The Kitchen
  3. Questioning Your Thoughts
  4. Rewarding Yourself
  5. Keeping A Success Journal

Video 2 – 5 Weight Loss Mindset Traps To Avoid

Video Length = 02:36

This video runs through five common mindset traps people often experience when trying to lose weight and then provides a solution for each one. It covers the following mindset traps:

  1. ‘Just One More'
  2. ‘This Won't Work'
  3. ‘This Isn't Fun'
  4. ‘I Can't Do This'
  5. ‘I Have No Time'

Video 3 – How To Deal With Weight Loss Setbacks Positively

Video Length = 02:06

This video contains a number of suggestions for dealing with the common setbacks that people often experience on their weight loss journey. It covers:

  1. Don't Judge Setbacks
  2. Focus On The Positives
  3. Use The Setback As A Learning Tool
  4. Don't Dwell On The Setback

Video 4 – How To Develop A Positive Weight Loss Mindset

Video Length = 02:40

This video provides viewers with a number of practical tips for cultivating a positive attitude towards losing weight. It covers:

  1. The Importance Of Belief
  2. Setting Specific Goals
  3. Developing A Mantra
  4. Finding A Source Of Inspiration
  5. The Importance Of Visualization

Video 5 – The Importance Of A Positive Weight Loss Mindset

Video Length = 01:31

This video runs through the benefits of staying positive while losing weight. It covers:

  1. It Helps You Make Healthy Diet Choices
  2. It Boosts Your Workout Performance
  3. It Helps You Deal With Setbacks More Efficiently
  4. It Increases The Production Of Healthy Hormones