Weight Loss Tips Stock Social Graphics


Grow your audience on social media with these 18 Weight Loss Tips PLR Social Infographics.

Each social infographic contains a weight loss tip, measures 500 x 500 pixels and is provided in a JPG format.


Posting square graphics that contain helpful tips is an excellent way to increase your engagement levels and follower numbers on social media.

The visual part of the design catches people’s eye as they scroll through their social feeds and then the helpful information on the graphics encourages people to like, comment, share and follow.

You can use these 18 Weight Loss Tips PLR Social Infographics to connect with the millions of people who want to lose weight and build a loyal audience on social media.

Weight Loss Tips PLR Social Graphics

Here are the weight loss tips featured on these graphics:

  1. Check The Labels Of ‘Low Fat’ Items
  2. Look At Your Carbs, Protein And Fat Intake
  3. Get Your Five A Day
  4. Use Your Healthier Lifestyle As An Excuse To Cook For Yourself
  5. Encourage Your Family To Take Part In Your Healthy Diet
  6. Always See Weight Loss And Fat Burning As A Lifestyle Change Rather Than A Short-Term Fix
  7. Take The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator At Work
  8. Get Off The Bus A Stop Early
  9. Buy A Pedometer
  10. Always Eat Breakfast No Matter What
  11. Spruce Up Water For Extra Taste And The Same Outcome
  12. Avoid ‘Diet’ Drinks
  13. Swap Your Wine For Vodka Soda In Moderation
  14. Grilling Is Your Friend
  15. Avoid The Chips And Load Up On Salad Instead
  16. Distract Yourself When Hunger Strikes
  17. For Motivation, Pin A Goal Photo On Your Fridge Or Monitor At Work
  18. For Every Goal You Achieve, Give Yourself A Treat



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