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Weight Loss Tips Stock Story Graphics

Get more social media traffic with these 45 Weight Loss Tips PLR Story Graphics.

Each graphic contains a weight loss tip, measures 1080 x 1920 pixels (which is the perfect size for posting to Stories on social media) and is provided in a JPG format.

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Over 1.1 billion people use the Stories format on social media every day and it’s growing 15 times faster than the News Feed format.

This format often gets prime positioning at the top of social feeds and explore pages which makes it great for discovery and engagement.

Stories are also great for driving traffic to your website, products and services because many platforms allow you to include a link with your Story which viewers can visit by swiping up. This swipe up action often drives considerably more traffic than traditional News Feed links that users have to click or tap.

You can use these 45 Weight Loss Tips PLR Story Graphics to instantly start benefiting from Stories and using this format to grow your audience, increase your engagement levels and get more traffic.

Simply save the graphics to your camera roll and upload them directly to your Stories on social media or schedule them to be posted through a scheduling tool that supports Stories.

Weight Loss Tips PLR Story Graphics

Here are the weight loss tips featured on these graphics:

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water
  2. Cut Down On Alcohol
  3. Do More Exercises
  4. Don’t Skip Breakfast
  5. Drink Green Tea
  6. Avoid Buying ‘Trigger’ Foods
  7. Read Food Labels
  8. Walk More Often
  9. Set Goals
  10. Don’t Get Rid Of Foods Completely
  11. Stop Late Night Eating
  12. Carry Healthy Snacks
  13. Get Your 5 A Day
  14. Eat Foods High In Fiber
  15. Plan Your Meals
  16. Use A Smaller Plate
  17. Accountability And Support
  18. Sleep Well
  19. Exercise Before Dinner
  20. Avoid Sugary Drinks
  21. Lift Weights
  22. Try Cycling
  23. Try HIIT Training
  24. Avoid The Tempting Aisles
  25. Write A Healthy Shopping List
  26. Prepare Your Meals
  27. Find Healthy Substitutes
  28. Suppress Your Appetite
  29. Work Every Muscle
  30. Take Rest Days
  31. Only Eat When Hungry
  32. Look At Your Stress Levels
  33. Eat Less Dairy And Nuts
  34. Don’t Always Look To The Scale
  35. Eat More Veg Than Fruit
  36. Try And Eat Protein
  37. Fill Up On Vitamins And Minerals
  38. Try Intermittent Fasting
  39. Get Your Hormones Checked
  40. Look At Medications
  41. Get Into A Routine
  42. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
  43. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others
  44. Avoid Frying
  45. Don’t Go Too Hungry