What Is Vaping And Is It Safe?

Watch how you reach more followers on the social media pages as readers become eager to learn whether vaping is OK or not; what parents should look out for when it comes to their children and vaping.

This report contains 2826 words, plus 8 images, to introduce your viewers to this new ‘hobby’ – vaping.


With vaping, a person inhales an aerosol from an electronic cigarette. Many believe that vaping is a good way to stop smoking. Along the way, vaping has become a kind of hobby, that not only adults enjoy with their friends, but which children are starting to enjoy as well. Read all about juuling in this report. Vaping mimics the act of smoking where you can enjoy different flavors; with nicotine or without it.  It is shown through research that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, leaving no smoky odors behind as well – many people in the science world say it’s the same as drinking a cup of coffee. You be the judge.

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Here is all that you will find in this report:

  • What Is Vaping?
  • Interesting Facts About Vaping
  • Some Truths To Know About Vaping
  • How Do Parents Know If Their Kids Are Vaping?
  • Elements Of Vaping
  • Those Who Object To Vaping
  • Those Who Don’t Object To Vaping
  • If You Really Want To Quit Smoking



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