ConvertKit extended 30 day free trial – this weekend only

I hate to think about it but I know that there are people out there that are still not building an email list.

If you're one of those people (or you still haven't switched to the modern broadcast and autoresponder service that is Convertkit) this weekend is your perfect opportunity.

From NOW until Monday April 30th 2018 at 11:59pm PST, you can click right here and sign up for ConvertKit completely for free for 30 days.

That's right. You get your entire first month free for unlimited use and there's no paid trial and you don't have to enter any payment details.

It's completely free use.

If you already have an email list, you can import your list and play around with the features and put it to the test. There aren't any complicated hoops to jump through when you import your list like there are with some other providers.

If you're new to list building Convertkit offers funnel and automation features, broadcast and suppression abilities, subscriber tagging, web form and landing page building and more.

What's great about Convertkit is that it's very simple and easy to use (yet, if you need them, there are lots of advanced features for those wanting more complex automation).

Their visual automations, designed to help you build automated email funnels, is a key reason ConvertKit is the go-to tool for sending well-timed, targeted content to the real people in your audience, all powered by a totally reimagined, intuitive, lightning-fast editor. It's also full of training videos and they have live chat help if you need it.

After trying almost all of the email list providers out there, Convertkit is the one we fell in love with. Once you switch to Converkit, you won't switch back. It's that good and it becomes immediately obvious when you play around with it for just a few minutes.

That's why we wanted to let you know about this cool offer they have for just this weekend only.

Click here for your free trial “back door” entry

Free Documentary Series

The reason Convertkit is offering this cool trial is because they've created a documentary series about blogging and the life of bloggers. If you sign up this weekend for the free trial, you get access to their 3-part documentary on being a blogger.

The documentary isn't something I've seen, neither is it something that I'm particularly interested in but if you like that kind of thing, you'll get free access to it when you claim your trial.

I'd recommend checking Convertkit out, even if you have no plans to join it yet. It's really worth taking a look inside as there are no catches and no payment details you have to enter. At the very least use the opportunity to have a look at how everything works.

If you're a beginner that's particularly astute, you could even use this free 30 days to build a list and even get your first sales!

In all cases, I'd highly recommend you check it out and take advantage of it in any way you can.

Click here for your free trial “back door” entry

Create your account before Monday April 30th 2018 at 11:59pm PST to take advantage of the extended trial.

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