Facebook New Stories Update

Facebook adds three new features: voice posts, stories archive and cloud storage

Facebook have announced three new features for Facebook Stories which will make this popular format more accessible to users.

Facebook have announced three new features for Facebook Stories which will make this popular format more accessible to users.

The new features will roll out in India initially and then globally shortly after.

The three new features are:

1. Voice posts which allow users to record a voice message and add it to either a colorful background or a photo. Stickers, text and doodles can also be added to these voice posts.

2. Stories archive which allows users to optionally archive any Facebook Stories they have posted. These archived Stories will still expire publicly after 24 hours but the user who created the Stories will be able to view their archive after this public expiration.

3. Cloud storage which allows users to save photos and videos which are taken with the Facebook camera to their account in the Facebook cloud. These photos and videos will only be visible to the user after they login to Facebook. Facebook haven’t announced if there will be a capacity limit to this cloud storage.

Stories are still in beta for Facebook Business Pages but these updates will give content creators additional opportunities to embrace the format when it gets a full business roll out.

For example, if you’re camera shy, voice posts will be a great entry point. You will be able to use them to generate Facebook traffic and engagement by sharing tips, motivational messages or other short form content to Facebook Stories without ever appearing on camera.

The Stories archive tool will also make it much easier to repurpose Facebook Stories and post them to other platforms at a later date. Instead of saving Stories to your camera roll, where they’re likely to get lost among your other photos and videos, you will be able to simply archive the Stories on Facebook and come back to them when you’re ready to repost or repurpose.

Stories are the format of the future. According to the consulting firm Block Party, the creation and consumption of Stories has increased by 842% since early 2016 and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expects Stories to overtake posts in feeds as the most common way that people share across social apps.

So, be sure to take advantage of these features when Stories get added to Faceook Business Pages.

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