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Leaked photos reveal Facebook is working on an influencer search engine

Facebook is working on a new influencer marketing search engine that should make it easier for creators to get brand deals on the platform.


Facebook is working on a new influencer marketing search engine that should make it easier for creators to get brand deals on the platform.

Leaked screenshots have revealed that this search engine is called Branded Content Matching and has three main features:

Feature 1 – Search

This allows brands to search for creators based on their audience demographics and includes targeting options such as:

  • Top countries
  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Education level
  • Relationship status
  • Interests
  • Life events
  • Home ownership status
  • Home type

The search results then show a list of creators with the following stats:

  • Audience match (%) for the search terms that were selected
  • Reach (%)
  • Engagement rate (%)
  • Follower count (#)
  • Video views (#)

Brands are given two links along with these search results:

  1. A link to a portfolio from the creator which includes audience insights and the creator’s best branded content
  2. A link allowing the brand to save the creator to a private Saved List

Feature 2 – Saved Lists


This feature allows brands to view and manage the lists of creators that they’ve saved from the search results.

It also gives brands access to some additional creator metrics including:

  • A new engagement metric which is represented by 10 bars instead of a percentage
  • Average views per video

Feature 3 – Suggested Creators

There is currently little information available on this feature but it is expected to suggest a list of similar creators to brands based on either an individual creator that they have selected or their Saved Lists.

How Does Branded Content Matching Work?

The Branded Content Matching tool is based on the Facebook for Creators network and is starting primarily with a set of lifestyle brands and creators. It’s expected to roll out to all creators in the network after the testing phase but Facebook hasn’t announced when this will happen.

Facebook isn’t currently brokering the deals or taking a cut. Brands contact creators directly, the deal is worked out between the creator and the brand, and the creator keeps 100% of the payment for the deal. Facebook hasn’t revealed whether they will start to take a cut or broker the deals in the future.

However, it’s possible they may choose to never take a cut because a version of this tool with no fees will attract more creators and brands to the platform, and raise Facebook’s overall value.

When it comes to connecting brands and creators, Facebook is still deciding whether it's best to have brands contact creators through their Facebook Page or to use traditional contact information such as email.

Content that's created through these brand deals must involve the creator. Facebook doesn’t allow creators to share content that’s created solely by the brand without any input from them.

The Benefits Of Branded Content Matching

Although there are already lots of platforms that connect creators and brands, including FameBit  (which is owned by YouTube), Niche  (which is owned by Twitter) and Social Bluebook, Facebook’s Branded Content Matching does have a couple of distinct advantages over these competitors.

First, Branded Content Matching is one of the only influencer marketing search engines that doesn't take a cut of the deals. Other platforms that connect creators and brands charge up to 10% to broker the deals, so you can save a lot of money by using Facebook’s tool.

Second, Branded Content Matching is the only influencer search engine that gives brands verified Facebook data. When you combine this with the possibility that verified Instagram data could be added to the tool in the future, this may make it a favorite with brands and allow Branded Content Matching to become home to the most lucrative brand deals.

While it’s still early days, Branded Content Matching is shaping up to be a very promising tool for creators who want more brand deals.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Branded Content Matching As A Creator

  1. Sign Up To The Facebook For Creators Network

Branded Content Matching is based on the Facebook for Creators network, so if you're not already signed up, create an account now to increase your chances of being included in this search engine when it gets a full rollout.

  1. Create A Media Kit

Producing a media kit is one of the best ways to stand out from other creators and get more brand deals. If you're not familiar with a media kit, it’s a document that gives brands key information on your audience and the benefits of working with you.

Most creators don't produce media kits, so having one instantly puts you at the top of brands’ shortlists for deals. A media kit also shows brands that you're serious about working with them and that their goals are a priority for you, which makes them more likely to invest in you. Finally, a media kit gives you a unique opportunity to clearly showcase all the benefits of working with you to brands.

When producing your media kit, think about the main assets you have to offer brands. These assets could include:

  • Your total audience size
  • Specific platforms where you have a large audience outside of Facebook
  • Your engagement metrics outside of Facebook
  • Your audience demographics outside of Facebook
  • Examples of successful brand campaigns that you’ve worked on in the past
  • Testimonials from your audience

Also, make sure you include your contact information in the media kit so that it’s easy for brands to get in touch with you.

  1. Make Your Content Attractive To Brands

If you want to secure brand deals, you need to show brands how easy it is for them to integrate their products and services into your content. You can do this by regularly featuring products in your content. Try recommending products that will help your audience achieve specific goals or showing them how to use specific products to solve their most pressing problems.

  1. Create More Videos

The leaked screenshots of Branded Content Matching show that video is an important metric, with video views being highlighted in both Search Results and Saved Lists. Therefore, creating more video is likely to give you more exposure in this tool.



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