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10 mobile apps to create social media graphics

Creating graphics and visuals on a mobile device provides for ultimate convenience and allows you to create or edit your graphics at any time of the day and in any place.

With more and more social media content creators turning to their mobile devices, the quality of the mobile applications used to create these graphics has tremendously increased.

That means creating social media graphics is easier than ever before – and is actually easier from your mobile device than it is from the desktop.

Available on mobile platforms, the following ten mobile apps are a necessity for any marketers who are looking to create high-impact graphics and visuals while on their mobile devices.

We've taken the time to put together 10 of our favorite social media graphics apps that are easy to use and great for beginners.

These applications have been proven to create content that drives social media traffic and generates larger audiences than ever before.

1. Canva

iPhone, iPad, and Android users have the power to create seamless, professional, and customized digital media graphics and visuals thanks to the pre-made social media layouts provided by Canva. Free to download, this useful app offers layouts with pre-set dimensions specific to each of the various social media platforms that users can choose from. This application is easy to use and operates with drag and drop functionality. Because it is so easy to use, Canva can be mastered by both amateurs and professionals.

Featuring popular pre-set formats tailored to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users will be able to customize their own images by selecting from creative fonts, colors, and even extras such as additional filters. Looking for a way to turn that latest image into a high-quality Facebook cover photo? Then look no further because Canva is the perfect app to create it! Need a customized Snapchat GeoFilter? This is the right app for the job, and the end result will be professional and ready for use on social media.

Get Canva For iOS
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2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Traditionally designers and sketch artists created their work with a pen and a pencil, but the most innovative way to create content for modern designers is the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. These devices combine the hand-crafted detail preferred by industry experts along with the intuitive ease of use of a digital mobile device.

When paired with powerful apps such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch, available for free on the App Store, user can create hand-crafted beautiful visuals for social media.

Boasting functionality with the pressure sensing features of the Apple Pencil, this drawing and sketching app gives tons of customization opportunities for the user such as the ability to choose between light and heavy pencil or brush strokes or choose between customizable brush presets.

A popular feature for many artists is the watercolor feature, which allows the user to create beautiful and authentic looking watercolor inspired images with just a few strokes. Visuals created within this app will pop and captivate viewers on social media.

One of the most popular features of the App is the helpful built-in drawing guides that are available. These guides help draw perfect geometric shapes and allows the user to simply trace along the provided outlines for ultimate precision. Anyone looking to hand-craft their own original and artistic graphics and visuals for social media will not be disappointed with this app.

Favored by graphic designers and veteran desktop-based Photoshop users, this app is a part of the Adobe Suite which is well known across the globe for providing some of the best digital software and mobile applications available. This app is frequently updated and optimized for use on mobile devices which ensures a smooth and bug-free experience. Finally, the App has a large online community of users who can help to share tips and tricks and provide guidance when troubleshooting.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch For iOS

Adobe Photoshop Sketch For Android

3. Pic Stitch

Sometimes one photo is just not enough! An increasingly popular approach among social media users is a picture collage. To create a picture collage simply select multiple photos and arrange them into one nice visual. This design option is highly effective and engaging as it allows for a nice mixture of various visuals conveniently arranged in one graphic complete with colorful borders and the ability to add-in text. To produce creative and appealing photo collages for social media simply download the Pic Stitch mobile Application which has been rated the number one digital collage maker for mobile devices such as iPhone.

With over two-hundred different layouts to choose from, users will be able to create framed masterpieces for their social media accounts. Customize the shape, color, and texture of the border and arrange photos exactly as desired. With the help of this photo collage app, users can create powerful and unique masterpieces with a few taps of their fingers. Complete with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter functionality post directly to social media accounts. Pic Stitch is a hit among mobile device users who need to create visuals and graphics for their social media accounts.

Pic Stitch For iOS

Pic Stitch For Android

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another popular product within the Adobe Creative Mobile Application Suite. This social media graphic design software helps users create visuals and posts that are fun, vibrant, and creative. Featuring tons of texts to choose from, as well as cool and funky themes to help posts truly pop, this application is very popular among social media users. Pre-loaded with tons of free images and icons there is certainly something available for everyone within this app!

Seamless integration with popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook make Adobe Spark Post an attractive option for social media users who are on the go and want to create visual content right on their mobile devices. One of the most useful tools provided within the application is the ability to create customized visuals with dimensions formatted for Instagram Stories. These sleek images are formatted to the proper dimensions for Instagram Stories and will impress audiences with the professionalism and layout of the graphics design.

Adobe Spark For iOS

5. Afterlight 2

Those social media users interested in photography should definitely be sure to check out the mobile application Afterlight 2. This second iteration is an incredibly versatile photo editing app which gives users the ability to control popular photography features including brightness, exposure, contrast, texture and even those more advanced features such as curve, frame, filters, and lighting overlay.

Photographers on the go who are hoping to bolster their social media accounts can depend on this mobile app because it also provides an advanced camera interface which allows for control of features including shutter speed and white balance. Afterlight 2 is very useful when battling tough lighting conditions and you’re trying to capture the perfect shot. The first version of this application was so successful that the developers took all the feedback they received, and created a newer, and even more improved version! Any social media user looking to create engaging and artistic social media graphics and visuals should download this application.

Afterlight For iOS

Afterlight For Android

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

Arguably the most popular mobile application used to create social media graphics is Adobe Photoshop Express which has over a whopping 100,000 positive reviews on the Apple App Store. This application brings the familiar features of the desktop Photoshop version to a mobile platform and it works like a charm. This all-in-one photo editing software features editing tools as well as features such as text generation and background selection. With the large amount of all the available features within the application, users will have no issue creating high-quality graphics for social media.

Novice users who are still learning the ins and outs of the program can elect to select the “Auto-Fix” feature to have their own images digitally retouched at the touch a button while more veteran users are able to exercise total control over the image. Arguably there is really no learning curve for this mobile application because the interface and controls are so intuitive and user-friendly.

Veteran photoshop users should feel familiar with some of the advanced tasks that Photoshop Express can accomplish. Some of these tasks include adjusting perspective, cropping, and even red eye correction. Additionally, users are able to edit their graphics shadows, highlights, temperature, and tint. This advanced control allows for total customization and ensures visual social media content will pop with creativity. This app makes it easy for all social media users to have professional quality visuals and graphics for free!

Adobe Photoshop Express For iOS

Adobe Photoshop Express For Android

7. Infographic and Poster Creator

The most successful social media campaigns feature a diverse range of visual content. Some visual content may be used to present information like numerical data. When social media posts require visual content containing numbers, it needs to look professional and include infographics. Mainly composed of charts and tables, infographics are an excellent way to customize and make unique social media visuals while presenting important figures.

Infographic and Poster Creator enables users to create high-quality and professionally designed infographics while on a mobile device. Featuring over four hundred graphics and templates to choose from, this mobile app is a great way for social media users to generate captivating visual content. Infographic and Poster Creator is a breeze to use as it features multi-layer editing which helps to ensure no mistakes are made. Complete with the ability to import photos from the camera roll this is a nice addition to any social media user’s digital toolbelt.

Infographic and Poster Creator For iOS

8. Adobe Lightroom CC

Those users interested in cloud-based storage for their social media graphics and visuals should certainly look to the premium version of Adobe Lightroom CC. Not only a powerful and widely known editing software, this mobile application allows users to easily improve and then organize their photos before sending them digitally to the Adobe Creative Cloud for storage.

Lightroom CC is a nice option for those looking for an all in one application to capture, edit, and post social media content. The application features a full High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR) capture mode which allows the user to capture flawless DSLR quality photos at the touch of a button with their mobile device. There are also some available editing features inside the application such as contrast, brightness, and detail. Lightroom CC is a popular application for many users because it expertly handles social media image creation from start to finish. Because of these reasons, this application is a must have for social media users looking to generate powerful graphics and visuals.

Adobe Lightroom CC For iOS

Adobe Lightroom CC For Android

9. Boomerang

When the creators behind one of the largest social media platforms on the planet develop their own application for capturing visual content and sharing it on social media, it should be a big indication to the world that they might be onto something. That was exactly the case when the creators of Instagram came up with the mobile application Boomerang. This fun mobile application lets users create short two second social media videos on their mobile devices that can then be uploaded to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Boomerang is currently one of the most popular and widely-used social media image capture applications available for mobile users. Boomerang takes a burst of ten photographs and then converts them into a short video clip which is set on a loop. This quirky visual content is a trendy way for social media users to showcase quick yet creative visuals for their audience. Most importantly, for those social media users on other platforms such as Twitter or Pinterest the application provides the ability to generate GIF’s and export them.

One of the best features is that the app is easy to use even for beginners. Boomerang allows users to generate fun and creative visuals and images for their social media account at no cost which makes it a very attractive option for social media visual creation.

Boomerang For iOS

Boomerang For Android

10. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Graphic artists looking to create powerful social media graphics need to look no further than the powerful Adobe Illustrator Draw application. Featuring freeform options and perspective aides for drawing, this mobile drawing application allows users to craft handmade visual social media content that is unique, creative, and fun! Compatible with a stylus or Apple Pencil, this application performs fluidly and flawlessly.

All of the available tools within the application, such as the stencil, boast an impressive attention to detail. The high functionality of the application is evident from the very start which makes Adobe Illustrator Draw a popular choice among industry veterans and professionals. The application is incredibly intuitive and easy to learn though, therefore beginners should not be discouraged from picking it up and giving it a shot.

As society evolves and continues to transform into an increasingly digital world, the need for a strong online presence also increases. A unified and captivating social media presence is essential. To be successful, high quality and well-crafted visuals and graphics are required as they are the best way to engage with target audiences. Breathtaking photos in combination with a strategic choice of text and design elements will take a social media accounts effectiveness to the next level.

As technology continues to improve more applications will be developed to help users create these exquisite visuals on their mobile devices. However, the ten mobile applications listed above are known by users to be effective, reliable, and easy to use. Anyone looking to bolster their next social media graphics should be sure to download these applications, so they can create professional and captivating visuals right on their mobile device.

Adobe Illustrator Draw iOS

Adobe Illustrator Draw Android




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