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Targeting men on Pinterest: new Pinterest market data reveals that nearly 40% of US dads now use Pinterest

Pinterest has released some key insights in the run-up to Father’s Day which show that over a third of dads in America now use Pinterest.

Pinterest has released some key insights in the run-up to Father’s Day which show that over a third of dads in America now use Pinterest.

Pinterest has had a predominantly female userbase for many years but this new data shows there are now lots of opportunities for bloggers to reach a male audience on the platform.

The data also contains other useful stats that bloggers can use to start reaching dads in the run-up to Father’s Day and beyond.

Here are our key takeaways for bloggers:

1. Start Creating Your Father’s Day Content Now

In 2017, there were over 9.5 million Father’s Day searches on Pinterest and the results were saved to over 7 million boards.

The number of monthly active users on Pinterest has increased by 14% in the last year, so the searches and saves are likely to be even higher this year.

Searches for Father’s Day gifts and celebration ideas on Pinterest start to increase in May and reach a peak in the final week before Father’s Day.

This means now is the perfect time to start creating blog posts that target the millions of people who are looking for Father’s Day inspiration on Pinterest.

Some of the top Father’s Day search terms include:

– Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas
– Father’s Day Cards
– Father’s Day Crafts For Kids
– Father’s Day Party Ideas
– Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Try creating gift guides, recipe posts or posts that contain party ideas to capitalize on the demand for Father’s Day content.

2. Dads On Pinterest Are High Earners And Highly Engaged

Dads on Pinterest search 62% more than the average user, so they're much more likely to find your content and follow your page than typical users.

They’re also ready to buy. 82% say that they find new products on Pinterest, and 45% earn over $100,000 per year and have kids. That last part is key because they’re likely to buy both products for themselves and products for their kids.

To get the most out of this data and maximize your sales, think of ways you can sell to both the dad and their children where possible. For example, instead of just selling tents to the dad, think of all the products a dad and his kids will need for a camping trip and sell these related products through your content.

By selling in this way, you’ll increase your conversions and get more engagement from dads on Pinterest.

3. Home Is Where Dad’s Heart Is

Home is the leading category with dads on Pinterest. They primarily focus on indoor and outdoor projects that make their home more welcoming and fun.

Some of the main searches in this category include:

– Kitchen Appliances (7x more likely to search for this than the average Pinterest user)
– Outdoor Ideas (4x more likely to search for this than the average Pinterest user)
– DIY Home Projects (3x more likely to search for this than the average Pinterest user)

Other popular search terms in the home category include:

– Bar Ideas
– Fire Pits
– Home Entertainment Consoles
– Home Theater Ideas
– Outdoor Kitchens
– Patios
– Smart Home Technology

Curated posts that highlight interesting home and backyard setups, and list posts that highlight interesting smart home technology products are a great way to reach dads who are looking for ideas on how to spruce up their home on Pinterest.

4. Healthy Eating Is Huge

Food is the second most popular category with dads on Pinterest and they’re 20% more likely to search for healthy recipes than other male users on the platform.

Some of the most popular searches related to healthy eating are:

– 3 Ingredient Recipes
– Air Fryers
– Easy Dinner Recipes For Family
– Easy Meals
– Easy Snacks
– Finger Food
– Freezer Meals
– Healthy Snacks On The Go
– Instant Pot
– Meal Prep For The Week For Beginners
– Time Saving Meal Prep Techniques
– Weeknight Friendly Meals

Focus on quick, easy recipes and product reviews in your blog posts to reach these health-conscious dads.

Pinterest also revealed that video pins are very popular with dads who are looking for healthy recipes, so adding short recipe videos to your posts and saving them to Pinterest is a great way to get even more leverage from your healthy eating content.

5. Family Is A Major Focus

49% of dads on Pinterest use the platform to plan playdates and other activities for their kids. There has also been a 450% year on year increase in the number of dads searching for DIY projects to do with their kids, with a huge increase in searches for DIY slime.

Outdoor activities dads can do with their kids are also very popular with some of the top searches including:

– Kids Obstacle Course
– Ninja Warrior Course For Kids
– Outside Kids Fort

Creating visual content that focuses on these topics is a great way to reach dads who are looking for ideas on how to spend time with their kids. Try publishing DIY slime tutorials or reviewing some of the most popular outdoor kids’ toys to connect with these dads.

6. Camping Is Very Popular

Dads are four times more likely to search for camping gear than the average Pinterest user. Since these dads are often searching with their kids in mind, you have a great opportunity to cross-sell and upsell here.

In addition to selling camping gear to the dad, think about the products they may want to buy for their kids when taking them on a camping trip (youth backpacks, youth sleeping bags etc).

Also, remember that these dads are always on the lookout for activities they can do with their kids. Creating content that focuses on camping games, camping songs, and other camping activities is a great way to reach them.

7. Dads Love Their Tech

Dads on Pinterest are twice as likely to search for tech gadgets on Pinterest than typical users. Smart home technology is one of the most popular categories with dads but fun tech gadgets are also incredibly popular.

List posts that highlight different categories of tech gadgets or news that focuses on new and exciting technology are great types of content for reaching these tech loving dads.

Final Thoughts

While this data focuses on dads, it shows that Pinterest is now a great platform for reaching a wider male audience.

If you’ve been avoiding Pinterest because you felt like it wasn’t the right fit for your audience, now is the time to give it a try. There are more opportunities than ever to reach your ideal customer and it’s often much easier to generate traffic on Pinterest than other social media platforms.

Check out our beginner bloggers guide to Pinterest to start building your audience on the platform.

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