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Stop struggling to write all the content your audience needs. Take one of our ready-made articles, edit it as much as you want (or even leave it as it is) and publish it under your own brand.

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Our lifestyle graphics are primed and ready to go. Feel free to brand them with your logo or website and upload them to social media to get your name out there. Just prepare to handle all that engagement and traffic.

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Audiences resonate with instructional video content, fun social video shares, and especially recipe videos. We provide your video arsenal for the multimedia generation.

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On the current schedule the content is delivered every Monday.

Mostly articles, videos and social graphics, all with a lifestyle theme of health, wellness, fitness or personal development.
You'll get a zip file delivered to you each week by email.

You have rights to edit the work, you can customize and publish it as much as you’d like.

You can also repurpose parts (or all) of the content for use on your website, blog, and social media pages, in email newsletters, and even in print materials.

Yes, you can sell it to your customers too. What you’re NOT allowed to do is sell or pass on the rights to it. That’s our job.

We use only the most knowledgeable, talented creators in the business. Giving your prospects and customers “junk content” isn’t going to do you or your business any good.

Our writers are niche experts, and put a tremendous amount of time and effort into researching and writing your content. As a result, you get stock content that is informative, accurate, and expertly written.

We offer content in a wide range of formats on dozens of topics.

You can read the full terms of service here.

No. In fact, you should not credit us as the content creator. The content should only ever be published in associated with your own brand. That’s because we don’t have control over how customers use the content and therefore it doesn’t represent us.

Publish the content under your own brand and do not credit Tribe Bloom.

While, in most cases, source files for the videos are not provided, you’re free to edit the videos, break them up or change them as much as you like.

Yes, you don’t have to use the content in the original format it was created in. Feel free to break up content and use it in other areas of your marketing.

Yes, you don’t have to use the content in the original format it was created in.

Yes, you can use our content to create products which you can can then sell to your audience.

For example, you can use the content to create and sell a fitness book to a group of customers interested in fitness.

What you can’t do is resell the license or rights to the content.

For example, you can’t sell or give away the content to other business owners or marketers for them to use.

This is a popular question that often arises from marketers, social media managers working with clients and who want to use a specific content package or piece of content from our catalog. The answer to that question may seem difficult at first, but we will make it easy here for you to understand:

The basic rule of thumb is that you are not allowed to give permission, lend, pass on or resell the rights to content from Tribe Bloom.

For example, you can use the content to generate leads for your client but you cannot allow your client the content to publish under their own brand/pass off as their own.

You can read the full Tribe Bloom terms here.

There's a Pro version of Tribe Bloom called Content Pass where you can get a license to an extra 10,000+ pieces of content (with the library growing all the time) for a one-time fee.