The Best Blog Hosting Deal

If you’ve already started a blog, you’ll probably want to skip this email – unless you’re not happy with your web host.

Today, we’re going to go over getting started with A2 hosting.

When it comes to hosting our niche websites, we’ve moved from host to host over the years.

For some reason, the support on each web host would start off great and then become worse as time went on.

A website would go down and no one would have a good explanation for it.

We soon came to realize that many of the hosts that we were moving between were all actually part of the same company.

Different names, different websites but same company.

If you’re starting out with your blog and customer support is something you value highly, do yourself a favor and use A2 hosting for your niche blog.

WordPress comes pre-installed, the support is fantastic (email, live chat and phone), the uptime is amazing and it’s just a few dollars each month.

It’s currently on a special offer of a whole 50% off your first bill:

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In order to follow along with the Create Your Own Profitable Blog series, you’ll need to have hosting before you continue.

You can start your blog for just a few dollars per month through the limited special pricing:

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Do yourself a favor and get A2 Hosting for your blog while it's such a great deal.


Tom Parker