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Video Marketing Webinar Content Bundle

Increase your online earnings with his Video Marketing Webinar Content Bundle. It includes a done for you webinar presentation and prompts script, worksheets and checklists that you can give to webinar attendees and a professional video sales letter that will maximize your conversions.

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Benefits and Value

Access to over 10,000+ articles, reports, videos and blog posts

  • Brand Content as your own
  • Use for lead generation magnets
  • Give content away or sell it
  • Rebrand for YouTube videos
  • Share content with your followers
  • Use for Facebook advertising
  • Repurpose for blog posts or courses

Business owners spend billions of dollars on training every year and since video has become the dominant medium for advertising, marketing and content in recent times, this topic is hotter than ever.

This Video Marketing Webinar Content Bundle contains all the content you need to reach and teach business owners the essentials of video marketing for their business.

Here's exactly what you get in this Video Marketing Webinar Content Bundle

Video Marketing Essentials Webinar PowerPoint Slides

Video Marketing Essentials Webinar PowerPoint Slides

These PowerPoint slides are perfect for a webinar, live presentation or even a recorded video product, teaching business owners the power of video marketing and introducing them to several important things they need to pay attention to in order to market their business through video.

Prompts Script For the Webinar/Presentation

Prompts Script For the Webinar/Presentation

Presenting materials can be tough whether it's live, in person or as a recorded product – but with this prompt script, you have constant access to the kinds of things you should be saying in order to teach the essentials of video marketing to business owners. The prompt script matches the presentation slides perfectly and will easily give you between 60 and 90 minutes of pure quality material for you to reference so you never struggle with what to say.

Links to Resources and References Used in the Webinar

Links to Resources and References Used in the WebinarQuality content needs references, especially when you need to back up any objections your viewers or potential clients may have.

We've provided links to all of the resources mentioned in the slides so that you can easily refer to them or hand the attendees of the webinar/presentation so that they have a resource sheet.

It's professional, helpful for your audience and it's helpful for you.

Webinar Sales Letter Video

We couldn't give you the rights to a video marketing package without giving you a video sales letter. Video sales letters skyrocket conversions and can often be much better at converting visitors to buyers. The VSL features expertly written sales copy, on a plain white background. It comes with a female voice over that almost 100% matches the words on screen. The sales video is tailored towards getting your visitors to sign up for your webinar, has a run time of 5 minutes and 19 seconds, and is delivered in an MP4 format.

Webinar Sales Letter Document

Webinar Sales Letter Document

If you don't want to use the voice over that we've provided, you can use this expert sales letter script to create your own.

You get the sales letter from the video sales letter in an editable document format.

The sales letter is written by our expert copywriting team and provides you with persuasive copy to get visitors to sign up for your webinar.

Pre-Webinar Worksheet

Pre-Webinar Worksheet

Before a webinar presentation, this is a document that you can send to your subscribers so they can fill it out before attending the webinar.

It gets them to think about important aspects of their business so that the webinar will be able to address their needs more fully and helps them get more value from the webinar since they're coming prepared.

Post-Webinar Worksheet

Post-Webinar WorksheetThe influence of your brand doesn't end just because the webinar is over.

These worksheets are designed to make your attendees think more about what you discussed during the webinar and leave a long-lasting impression on them.

They include: A How-To Video Worksheet, a Product and Service Video Worksheet, A Testimonial Video Worksheet, Tips Videos Worksheet, Video Format Resource Sheet and a Vlog Worksheet.

Video Creation Checklists

Video Creation ChecklistsThis video creation checklist is for your customers/attendees to give them an overview of everything they need to create a successful video as part of a marketing strategy.

They can use it every time they need to create a new video for their business and reminds them what to do with their video once it's created.

5 Video Marketing Tips Emails5 Video Marketing Tips Emails

These 5 emails that you can use in an autoresponder sequence are perfect for slowly introducing your audience to video marketing and helping them learn all about top tips they need to implement video marketing strategies to grow their business.