Hot summer topics for Pinterest traffic in 2018

Of all the seasons, summer is the happiest for most of us - and it's also one of the most profitable for proactive bloggers and niche marketers.

Of all the seasons, summer is the happiest for most of us – and it's also one of the most profitable for proactive bloggers and niche marketers.

Hey, doesn’t the word “summer” itself reminds you of the countless traveling, camping, swimming, hiking, and many more?

It's all about new adventures—exploring new places, discovering new hobbies, forging new friendships, and strengthening relationships.

To make the most of this bright, sunshiny season, Pinterest has revealed the latest summer trends people are crazy about this 2018.

The boards are super awesome and will give you tons of ideas about what you may experience firsthand, tell your readers about, and create lots of content for.

Creating content on these hot topics during their peak season will be sure to get you lots of Pinterest traffic and eyeballs on your content.

Niche 1: Stargazing on Summer Nights

Stargazing parties are an intimate setting that incites warm, deep conversations about life, feelings, thoughts, relationships, goals, and plans. No wonder it's become increasingly popular this year. And so, people are seeking ideas on how to make those stargazing nights as memorable as possible for them and for their guests.

So, why not come up with any of these:

  • A photo story of your latest camping trip and star gazing party. Document your camping and stargazing party moments and share all of these in one photo story to your readers.
  • An article giving your readers some ideas on how to set up a stargazing party in your backyard. Give your readers tons of tips on how to decorate their backyard for a stargazing party.
  • A cheat sheet on astrophotography basics for beginners. Do you blog about photography? Why not come up with content discussing this topic?
  • The questions you should ask your significant other while stargazing. If you blog about love and relationships, this is a perfect topic that will hook your readers in. Provide a list of personal questions couples can talk about on a late-night conversation which can help them foster more intimacy in their relationship.

Niche 2: Patio and Backyard Parties

Whether it’s their biggest solution for a ‘staycation' or they’ve missed friends during their recent trip, people love throwing patio and backyard parties this summer. Don’t you just love to stay outdoors, entertain some guests, and feel the summer breeze? Definitely, yes! So, here’s what you should offer your readers:

  • Party menu ideas. Give them recipes of easy party food ideas they can whip up in just a few hours as well as how to come up with a lovely food presentation.
  • A list of outdoor party essentials. Help your readers never miss out on anything important for a patio or backyard party. It would be awesome if you can come up with a printable to-do list or shopping list that your readers can easily check off to help them stay as organized as possible.
  • DIY party decors. Share with your readers several useful ideas on how to play with those globe lights or fairy lights to give their outdoor dinner party some intimate and whimsical touch. You may also write about unique table setting tips and party backdrop ideas.
  • Backyard party themes. Because not every outdoor party is all about bohemian, right?

Niche 3: Nature Getaways

Ask anyone and he’ll say that summer isn’t complete if you don’t have a few new adventures. In fact, everyone is into travel right now. So, what would that mean for travel and lifestyle bloggers?

  • Discover new hike trails. Give your mountain-loving readers some love through useful information about new hike trails to try, estimated costs of the trip, and detailed guide on how to go there.
  • List of awesome picnic sites. Do you have some secret nature getaways in mind where you can have picnic the whole day? Let the secret come out! Also, readers would love to know about what’s in your picnic basket.
  • Vlog on island adventure. Because bloggers level up their content through interesting videos, too.

Niche 4: Arts and Crafts for Kids

Summer vacation is a great opportunity for kids to relax and play all day. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to learn essential knowledge and skills in this time. In fact, they can both have fun and learn. Share some DIY arts and crafts to your parent readers so they can spend their summer working on useful projects with their kids. This Kids Crafts PLR pack will help you get started.

Niche 5: Indoor Camping

Show your readers how it is possible for bad weather not to spoil their current summer mood. Write about indoor camping ideas such as games to play, movies to watch, books to read, and fun dishes to prepare.

Come up with content on these current trends during the summer months. The added traffic boost you'll get from creating and sharing topics on these types of content will be worth it. Pinterest has lots of data about what topics are going to be big during the summer so you may as well make the most of that virality.

If you're looking for more Pinterest niche ideas. Check out our post on targeting men on Pinterest.

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