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How To Grow Your Blog and Business With Ready Made Content

Becoming versatile in providing maximum value for customers can be difficult. That’s where Content Pass comes into play.

You may have heard of stock photos but have you ever heard of stock content?

Top bloggers have been using it to grow their blogs, newsletters and courses rapidly.

When you start a business, you'll soon learn that if you put out lots of content, you get lots of traffic.

More content means more blog posts for people to land on and more sales because you can create products quickly.

It also means more content to impress your email newsletter subscribers, large audiences and large advertising revenues quickly increase too.

Getting more content out there under your brand fixes all problems. That's why, when you have access to your free ready-made content service Tribe Bloom, you can grow your blog and business at incredible speeds.

Perfect for bloggers, coaches, consultants, influencers and more, with Content Pass you get a large growing library of ready-made content for bloggers – that includes rebrandable articles, videos, ebooks, social graphics and more – all perfect for adding massive value to your brand.

When it comes to value, it's a very broad subject in the business world. Some bloggers want to deliver value by offering the best price for its customers.

Others look towards their level of service to add that value, or maybe providing the best product it can produce. There are many other ways to deliver on value, and a business should be looking towards incorporating as many as possible when it comes to their ethos.

Yet, with time and dedication typically focused in one specific area, becoming versatile in providing maximum value for customers can be difficult.

For those wanting to get started for free, that's where Tribe Bloom comes into play.

Content Pass content: why use it?

When you are running your blog, you are predominantly focused on one this: providing value and making money.

Now, when a large portion of your time is dedicated towards turning over a profit and being a solvent business, it is difficult to dedicate time in every area that will provide maximum value for your readers. While you might not want to remain in that selling and monetizing mindset at all times and constantly pushing products onto your customers, it is imperative to do so for the simple fact that you have to fund the lifestyle you want to have. This means finding a chance to offer additional content, freebies and supplements can be rather challenging.

That’s if you don’t use Content Pass.

Content Pass content is the best choice if you don’t have the time to develop original content. Not only is it much cheaper and time-saving than hiring someone to produce original content, but Content Pass offers adaptability depending on what you want to offer your audience. From editable website content and blog posts to reports, you can give that value to customers and subscribers without having to necessarily improve the output of content you produce.

There’s also the simple matter that you might not actually enjoy producing content. If you haven’t got any enthusiasm for the likes of writing blog posts, preparing reports and creating emails in the first place, and you also haven't got the extra funds to hire someone to do it, it becomes increasingly difficult to muster up the work ethic to do the job just like in any profession where there’s a lack of passion.

Yet when you have Content Pass that completes the bulk of the work for you, there’s a greater drive to get the work done because you really only need to enhance what you already have. So although you might not like making certain pieces of content, using Content Pass content is a great compromise. It means that your customers won’t miss out on content they like to consume, while you're not weighed down by having to come up with something from scratch that you don’t enjoy producing.

Growing Your Blog With Stock Content Pass Content

Content Pass content is versatile.

As a result, there are a number of ways you can go when it comes to providing content that your audience enjoys consuming and adding that all-important value.

1. Use Ready-Made Articles as Blog Content

The most obvious of choices to use Content Pass content to add value is by creating website content.

Website content as a whole is a wide-ranging option. If you receive an article pack, the natural thing to do would be to upload those as blog posts for your audience. Yet these articles and even reports can be transformed and repackaged into other content choices that are perhaps best suited for the customers you are targeting.

If your audience responds best to visual content, you could use the content as the basis to make content such as videos and infographics. Another example is if you want to place a greater emphasis on your social media presence, then the Content Pass content could be chopped and changed to better suit that type of platform.

2. Use Ready Made Content to Create eBooks

It is a given that consumers would expect to receive articles and blog posts without having to spend any money, but reports and eBooks are a different matter.

An effective method to increase value is by offering such products for free. With their worth considered higher than standard website content – and with that, they tend to command some sort of price tag – subscribers and customers would be appreciative of receiving a free report, whether they are interested in the content or not.

A free report could be used as an incentive for someone that signs up to your email newsletter or you could use it to reward a customer if a customer has bought a product and sent proof of it (posting picture on social media for example). So not only do they receive a free gift, but you also get something in return – exposure. Giving away free ebooks is an amazing way to grow your brand.

3. Use The Ready-Made Content to Supplement Your Products

If you are selling ecommerce products in a competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. As it might not be financially viable to just lower your prices to rock bottom in order to compete, you can get a step ahead of the competition by using your Content Pass content as a supplement to the products you are selling.

By supplement, the Content Pass content – most likely a report of some sort is included as part of the package. If you are selling a blender, for example, you could incorporate a Content Pass report that focuses on smoothie recipes. While it wouldn’t warrant much work on your part, the additional value can help you differentiate and get a significant edge over those that are simply selling the item as a standalone product.

Repackaging Content Pass to Match Your Audience's Needs

When you join Content Pass content, you receive license to a large array of consumable content. Whether it is an article pack, report or even a picture collection, you know what you are getting from the outset.

However, just because it arrives in a certain form, it doesn’t mean you have to ensure it retains that original disposition.

You see, the beauty of Content Pass content is that it is yours to use in whatever way you desire. Have a bundle of articles but don’t require content for your blog? Create an eBook with them. Got a report but it isn’t the best content choice for your audience? Convert it into a daily email for your subscribers if it’s a more applicable option.

Why repackage?

Going back to the very start, ask yourself: why are you using content in the first place?

The answer, of course, is to connect with your audience and market your business effectively. Yet with the fact that only certain content choices work for specific audiences, being effective with Content Pass can sometimes be difficult when it is in its original state.

For example, you may have purchased an article pack but your audience responds better to video content. While it might not be the most natural of conversion choices, it is possible to rework an article – by using it as a script/framework of sorts – into a video. And if your audience prefers video, then repackaging it in this way should mean you are adding more value and ensuring your content has more weight.

Tying in with that example, the basic context behind repackaging Content Pass content from start to finish is as follows:

  • You need more customers/subscribers
  • You've bought an article pack, but your audience respond better to videos
  • Reworking the articles into videos, you upload the content and gain a greater response from your customer base and help increase sales
  • In addition/alternatively, you want to increase the value of a paid product you are selling. As a result, you use the Content Pass content to create a video series that helps complement the paid product and enhances value
  • Another option is if you are selling an affiliate product, you could have the customer send their receipt after they have purchased the product and, in return, you give them a free video eCourse.

There is also the stigma that can sometimes come along for the ride when using Content Pass content – especially if you simply upload the content in its pre-written form. Doing this can exude negative qualities such as idleness and hollowness towards your audience, which is never a good thing. The idea of Content Pass content is to vastly reduce the amount of work you have to do – not eradicate your work completely.

Repackaging content to make it more applicable or even revamping it where you add something of value, however, does more than just alleviate those potentially adverse perceptions. It delivers on a number of advantages such as building a rapport with your customers and making the content more desirable (great for engagement/shares). Not to mention that reworking your Content Pass content gives you a greater sense of personal satisfaction because you have gone that extra mile to deliver value for your customers.

Starting with the time-saving Content Pass as the basis and then adding the value your audience craves is, ultimately, the best combination for you and your content marketing strategy.

Choices for repackaging

As already touched upon, there are various ways – some more conventional than others – in which you can repackage Content Pass content. Let me take a closer look at some of the best available options:

1. Blog articlesYou will find that a pretty big percentage of Content Pass content comes in the form of articles. A similar number of Content Pass products are also produced as reports, so the option of repackaging a report into a selection of articles for your blog is a relevant choice.

Turning a report into a collection of articles is a rather natural process. With most reports split into chapters, you can typically use each chapter as a basis for each article. Then it is a case of rephrasing certain sections to ensure it flows as an article should and doesn’t look out of place.

And if you receive an actual article pack, it is best advised to rework it to an extent that it’s effectively repackaged – this means rewording it to match your writing style, making it more visually appealing, adding reputable sources and quotes etc.

2. Report On the flipside of turning a report into a bundle of articles, the same thing can be done where you turn articles into a report/eBook.

Again, this would require a little work to guarantee that everything ties together and that the report as a whole is a fully coherent piece for the reader. But you could have a fully-fledged, versatile report package ready to go within a relatively short space of time.

3. Email/Newsletter – An email is an important tool in any marketer’s repertoire, so making sure you send out messages that provide value is essential.

Rather than distributing offhand comments that are going to struggle to convert potential customers into purchasers, you can put in a bit more thought with your message by using Content Pass content as the basis for your emails. By taking segments of a report or an article and giving it a makeover more suitable for email communication (informal in style tends to work best), you can suitably entice and retain the interest of those reading.

4. Social media content – Social media is another area of significance for content marketers, and Content Pass content can be used in a number of ways to produce effective social posts.

From taking snippets of information and posting quick updates on the likes of Twitter and Facebook to fashioning a full-blown infographic for a better visual impact, Content Pass can be a multipurpose choice. An ideal option if you are running dry on ways to communicate with your audience on social platforms.

5. Video Although the large majority of Content Pass is provided as written content, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as the foundation for producing videos.

Video is an ideal choice if your audience is more inclined to view visual rather than text-based content. And while constructing videos is a time consuming process and generally more difficult than writing an article or report, the rewards are worth it if your customers don’t particularly enjoy reading.

In terms of how you can use Content Pass content for videos, it might be useful if you are struggling to come up with video ideas or looking for some substance to add to your script/storyboard.

6. AudioAnother ‘left field’ choice is reworking your Content Pass into an audio version of content.

As previously mentioned, not everyone enjoys reading. And while video is a fantastic choice for visual content, it doesn’t provide the same level of convenience that audio has at its disposal – both for the consumer and you as the creator of the audio.

In terms of producing audio, it could be a case of simply copying a ready-made article word-for-word and then uploading it as a podcast. Not only is it very easy to achieve, but it’s one of the best options you can go with if reading isn’t for your audience.

Grow Your Blog and Audience With Content Pass: Join Content Pass to equip yourself with a growing library of ready-made content you can use on your blog, social media and more. Get more traffic, readers and grow a massive audience with Content Pass.


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