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Curation blogging is a highly popular and engaging type of blog where the creator reads and discovers new material, then compiles the various sources and articles into one piece, and adds their own perspective and shares it with their audience.

The ability to curate and share information with other online users remains one of the most innovative and influential capabilities that the internet has to offer.

Not only are users able to perform research online, read and review newspaper, magazine, and journal articles but they can share their findings online with one another on blogs and social media platforms. Informative news stories and interesting articles are very engaging content for audiences and can be highly effective content for bloggers hoping to gain more followers and grow their online audience.

Curation blogging is a highly popular and engaging type of blog where the creator reads and discovers new material, then compiles the various sources and articles into one piece, and adds their own perspective and shares it with their audience. While this may sound simple enough, content curation can be time consuming and difficult. Thankfully though as technology continues to progress, software and application developers have been hard at work creating services that make the content curation process easier for bloggers.

Anyone looking to create their own curation blog should read the following guide to see exactly what they need to do become the next big curation blogger! First, readers will learn what a curation blogger is, and they will familiarize themselves with a few popular examples of succesful curation blogs.

Next, readers will learn about the type of posts they’ll need to generate to become successful curation bloggers, as well the average schedule and workload to expect when they do start their own curated blog.

Readers will also learn which social media platforms they’ll need to utilize to become successful. Social media platforms can be essential for cross-promotion and an online curation bloggers overall exposure.

Finally, readers will learn how to monetize their curation blog and generate income from their content. If you follow the advice in this article, you’ll be on your way to becoming a curation blogger!

What Is A Curation Blogger?

A curation blogger is an online blogger that searches the internet and discovers new content from different sources, then reads and analyzes this material, adds their own point of view or spin to the piece and delivers it to their audience.

Curation bloggers usually take advantage of online news stories, articles, videos, and other popular media sources to generate their content.

A curation blogger finds the most newsworthy, inspirational, and impactful content on the internet and delivers it in one convenient place for their audience.

Some of the most successful curation bloggers are able to monetize their content and generate revenue off of their online blogs using techniques such as affiliate sales and sponsorships.

Although technology has rapidly advanced, and there are algorithms that can select news stories at random, the talent is in the human touch. Curation bloggers have skills that computerized algorithms do not and cannot possess. This human element allows curation bloggers to select the most news-worthy and inspiring content for their readers.

The curation blog should act as a one-size-fits-all blog that includes curated content about topics ranging from news, sports, to entertainment. It is up to the curation blogger to search over the vast resources available on the internet to find the best possible stories and present them in the most pleasing way for the viewer.

Examples Of Popular Curation Blogs

Curation blogs have become some of the world’s most popular and highly visited online blogs and social media pages. These blogs regularly put together some of the internet’s best content and packages all the different sources along with their own interesting commentary into one cohesive post.

Some of the internet’s most popular curation blogs have become popular culture icons and have seen their success skyrocket. If you want to become a popular curation blogger, simply follow the lead of the two giants listed below.

Huffington Post

One of the internet’s most popular online curation blogs is the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post was created in 2005 and contains both curated and original content for their audiences.

Some of the Huffington Post’s most popular curated content is about politics, news, entertainment, and style.

Well known for their blend of news stories and opinion, the Huffington Post provides their audiences with the latest headlines and their own spin on the action.

The online website and blog receives a large share of internet traffic and sees over one million user comments every month. Any curation bloggers looking for tips on how to blend news and satire, should look no further than the HuffPo!


Another highly popular and widely successful online curation blog is BuzzFeed. Co-founded by one of the creators behind The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed was started in 2006.

Buzzfeed was originally intended to produce curated content pertaining to social news and entertainment, but their latest posts have been seen as more in-depth journalism and reporting.

Buzzfeed is an excellent example of a curation blog that eventually skyrocketed in online popularity.

What started as a small blog with three or four curators is now a large organization that employs over 1,500 employees and generates over 150 million dollars in advertising revenue each year. Although Buzzfeed is shifting from a small independent blog to a more internationally known reporting agency, they first found their roots by becoming a successful content curation blog.

Where Can I Find Content To Be A Curation Blogger?

Curation bloggers have to struggle with finding new content for each of their posts. The internet is a wide trove of information, and it can be very overwhelming.

But there are a few tips for curating material that curation bloggers can follow. Curation bloggers should start by creating a list of their favorite news sources and online platforms.

It’s best to start with this list when looking for new stories. Otherwise, it can be easy to get distracted so it’s best to start with those designated sources first.

Nest, curation bloggers will want to sign up for as many newsletters and online communities as possible. These daily, weekly, and monthly news blasts are just one great source for curation bloggers to find their material.

Signing up for a news-related email such as TheSkimm will provide curation bloggers with hand-picked, curated news articles waiting in their inboxes each day. The Skimm is a popular news source that delivers trending and curated news articles directly to their subscriber’s inboxes. But, TheSkimm is just one of many excellent curated newsletter and email blasts that curation bloggers can sign-up for!

Average Schedule For A Curation Blogger

Most of a curation bloggers time will be spent in three main categories. These categories are discovering new material online, reading the material, and sharing the material. First, bloggers need to analyze many different sites and sources to find their content.

Next, curation bloggers spend a large majority of their time reading the content that they have discovered. Only after spending a long time researching and reading are they finally able to write and add their own perspective to create a culmination of all the different sides of the story.

Creating one cohesive piece from a handful of news articles, while piecing together the big picture requires skill and insight for curation bloggers to become popular.

Luckily for bloggers, social media management applications have been created which allow users to quickly discover new content and organize it in an easy fashion.

Popular services such as Buffer, and MavSocial have added features to their social media management software that make it easier than ever before to quickly and efficiently curate and manage online content.

MavSocial boasts advanced features such as AI Recognition to help users locate their digital content quickly and efficiently, which can really cut down on blogger’s time spent searching through materials.

Typical Workload For A Curation Blogger

It’s best for curation bloggers to do all of their researching and reading at one time during the week. Spreading this process out in multiple sessions each week will slow you down in the long run.

Sitting down and completing all of the searching and reading in one sitting will allow the blogger to set up batch posting for their blog, which can save them a lot of time in the long run.

It’s also smart for the blogger to write all of their stories and combine their comments in advance of when they plan on posting.

When the blogger has all of this done ahead of time, they are free to automate the rest of their workload. The popular social media management tools listed before such as Buffer or MavSocial are great tools for curation bloggers.

The automated scheduling features can really save curation bloggers time. Bloggers are able to set up posts to be released in the future, and they even have the in-depth control to schedule multiple posts at one time with the batch posting and uploading features available in many of today’s popular management tools.

Because of the innovation behind these management tools, curation blogger’s workload has been slightly reduced in recent times.

Social Media Platforms For Curation Bloggers

In order for curation bloggers to grow their online presence and generate additional followers, they will need to cross-promote their blog with the various social media platforms.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent resources for bloggers.

These platforms provide the bloggers with new followers, and large numbers of active online users who can share and promote their blogs.

Curation bloggers interested in creative topics such as health and art should utilize social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. These social media platforms allow users to track trends using the popular hashtag features.

These are excellent sources for curation bloggers who are looking to find more followers and grow their audience.

Simply attach a few relevant hashtags to your latest Instagram post and watch as your followers and online traffic increases.

Curation bloggers who generate content about technology and gaming should be sure to take advantage of Twitter.

This short and sweet social media platform restricts users to 140 characters, but that’s plenty of room to share a link to a blog post.

Twitter is an excellent platform for curation bloggers who want to share their content and increase their online popularity.

Monetizing Your Curation Blog

Web monetization is becoming increasingly popular as the traffic of online blogs increases. This popular term refers to the generation of income from your digital blogs and websites. Online creators who have a large enough online following are able to generate advertising income, acquire sponsorships, and take part in affiliate sales to monetize their blogs and make money off of their digital platform.


Curation bloggers who cater to a niche audience may succeed with a sponsorship. A sponsorship between a blogger and a company or individual enables the blogger to generate revenue and income from showcasing and advertising the businesses products or services. The key to a successful sponsorship is finding a sponsor whose products actually relate to your audience and content.

If your audience isn’t interested in the types of products that the business offers, they aren’t going to buy anything, and the company or advertiser won’t be happier either. The most effective and most lucrative relationships between curation bloggers and their sponsors, is when both parties have selected a target audience that they want to reach.

Affiliate Sales

Another important web monetization strategy for curation bloggers is affiliate sales.

Affiliate sales allow the blog owner to generate income by promoting another person or company’s product and receiving a commission off of it.

This is a popular option for curation bloggers who want to monetize their blog and earn extra online income!

However, there is one major consideration that curation bloggers should take into account when creating their posts and trying to monetize their blog.

The blogger needs to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies into their blog posts.

Focusing on keyword research and planning, like those features offered by Google AdWords can generate a lot more traffic for bloggers and their posts.

Increased traffic will earn their affiliate partners much more sales, and in turn generate more income for the blog owner.

Increasing their blog’s traffic with search engine optimization strategies is an excellent option for a curation blogger who is looking to monetize their blog using affiliate sales.

Curation bloggers have a tough job on their hands. Not only do they have to scour the internet looking for the best content for their readers, but they have to share it in engaging and memorable ways with their audiences.

Being a content curator is much more than simply re-blogging an article you saw online.

Curation bloggers need to have calculated insight, and a human touch that allows them to compile the best possible content for their audiences.

Finding great stories is only half the battle, the bloggers will still have to piece together the bigger picture and add in their own insightful comments.

Successful curation bloggers will generate tons of online followers and readers and can eventually progress into full-time news and reporting agencies like the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

Curation bloggers looking to generate income from their online work should try one of the monetization strategies covered in this article such as sponsorships or affiliate sales.

Anyone who wants to start their own curation blog needs to have passion and determination.

Those passionate bloggers who follow the advice in this article should have their own successful curated blog in no time!

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