So you want to be a food blogger

Food bloggers provide in-depth and delicious streams of freshly-baked content for their audiences to attempt to recreate in their own kitchens.

The internet is an excellent resource for those looking to try out new recipes while cooking at home. The online world is full of food blogs that combine recipes with food photography of yummy culinary choices that can be made at home. These food blogs act as an excellent platform for creative cooks hoping to share their passion with others. Food bloggers provide in-depth and delicious streams of freshly-baked content for their audiences to attempt to recreate in their own kitchens.

Because of the increasing popularity of social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, food-blogging has become more widespread across the globe than ever. These social media platforms cater to the food lovers who want to check out their favorite food blogs while on-the-go and on their mobile devices. These social media platforms also connect bloggers with new followers across the world.

Becoming a food-blogger can be a great choice for anyone who likes to cook and wants to share their creations with the world. If you are interested in becoming a food blogger then you should read below to educate yourself on the specifics of becoming a food blogger.

In order to become succesful is important to know exactly what a food blogger is, and also what social media sites they need to utilize to become popular. It is also important to analyze some famous online food-bloggers that are currently popular. Taking a closer look at these popular blogger’s backgrounds as well as their rise to fame helps to illustrate that anyone can become a food-blogger if they work hard and set their mind to it.

Before becoming a food blogger, it is important to know the typical schedule and average workload of a food blogger. It can be hard work, but food blogging can be a lucrative hobby and even a business for those that successfully monetize their online content. There are several ways to monetize your online food blog, and following the tips listed in this guide will help you reach your goals.

What Is A Food Blogger?

A food blogger is an online blogger that provides food related content for their audiences. Food bloggers combine recipes and nutritional information with food photography to entice their viewers into trying out their delicious creations in their own kitchens.

Looking for a perfect chicken enchilada recipe? Might as well check out a few of your favorite online food blogs! Can’t decide what to make the family for dinner? Scroll through a few food blogs and let your taste buds decide what’s for dinner!

Examples Of Popular Food Bloggers

Two of the most popular and successful online food bloggers in recent times have built their success by providing easy to create recipes for their followers.

Minimalist Baker (Dana Schultz)

Self-proclaimed foodie Dana Schultz is responsible for creating online food blog the Minimalist Baker. The blog was founded on three concepts. All the recipes on the Minimalist Baker either require ten ingredients or less, can be made in one bowl, or take thirty minutes or less to make.

These simple and delicious recipes have skyrocketed Dana’s blog to the top of the charts even though Dana has only been personally involved in online blogging since 2010. She is responsible for developing the recipes for the blog and taking the photographs of the food, and can be credited for the blogs large success.

The easy and incredibly tasty recipes that Dana provides her followers have turned the Minimalist Baker into one of the most popular online food blogs of recent times. The Minimalist Baker employs two other employees to keep operations running smoothly. With the blog’s large amount of web traffic and readers, this can be a difficult task at times.

Notably, the entire team is aware of the importance of cross promoting the blog on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest in an effort to increase brand awareness. The blog boasts over one million Instagram followers which makes the Minimalist Baker one of the most popular food blogs currently online, or on social media.

The blog provides cool features and cooking resources such as helpful cooking related how-to’s, and a recipe FAQ section. The Minimalist Baker is also a great tool for prospective bloggers because it provides guides on how to start your own food blog. These guides follow the lifecycle of starting your own food blog and can be very helpful for anyone with questions about topics ranging from web hosting to camera equipment.

Smitten Kitchen (Deb Perelman)

Created by Deb Perelman, the Smitten Kitchen provides delicious recipes and daily inspiration for home chefs who don’t want to shell out the dough for lavish, unneccessary ingredients. The Smitten Kitchen is committed to providing delicious recipes and proving that you don’t need expensive ingredients to provide high-quality tasty food.

The use of cost-effective and accessible ingredients has made the Smitten Kitchen of the most popular online food blogs in recent times. The Smitten Kitchen also takes advantage of the opportunities available on Instagram. The online food blog tallies over 772 thousand Instagram followers.

Deb’s blog has fun features such as The Surprise Me tab at the top of each page which takes the visitor to a new page each time. This is a great way to find a recipe for dinner when you’re not sure what to make.

One of the most surprising things about Deb is that she was never really in the food or blogging industry. Deb’s earlier careers include such things as record store supervisor and art therapist. Her success story shows that you don’t need to have a professional career in any specific industry to become a popular and widely successful online food blogger.

What Kind Of Posts Do I Need To Create To Be A Food Blogger?

In order to become a food blogger you will need to generate unique and creative food related content for your audiences. This will be a hearty blend of well written articles, delicious recipes, and high-quality food photography for your viewers to look at all of the various kitchen creations.

Posts need to be aesthetically pleasing, and these recipes images can often be credited for a recipes viral success. Food bloggers need to create food options that are visually pleasing so that they can show their readers how delicious the food really is.

Some of the most popular food bloggers cater to specific followers such as vegan or gluten free audiences. Food bloggers can also post lists and guides such as gluten free shopping lists, or a guide to popular dairy free milks. Although healthy and delicious recipes will make up the bulk of a food bloggers content, it is good to provide readers with a wide variety of online content to choose from. Catering to certain niche target audiences such as vegans, or vegetarians can be a great way to generate posts for a food blogger.

Typical Schedule / Workload For A Food Blogger

It’s important for a food blogger to post content regularly. A large chunk of a food bloggers time will be spent in the kitchen. One of the attractive benefits of food blogging is that the work can be done on the bloggers own schedule. A food blogger can choose to make several recipes in one day and photograph all of them, or they may decide to spread the cooking out between several days.

However, before getting in the kitchen and cooking, the blogger will need to find or create their recipe. This can be the hardest part for food bloggers, because finding inspiration can often be difficult. Generating a list of foods or recipes to try out is the most effective way for food bloggers to plan their future posts. This helps the blogger stay organized in the grocery store when purchasing all of their ingredients.

After cooking the food, photographing the physical products in the kitchen will take up a majority of the food blogger’s time. One thing the blogger will want to consider when scheduling their photography sessions is the amount of natural light. Bright and crisp photos are the best way to show your viewers your latest creations. Be sure not to use photos that are dark, or dimly lit.

All of that work and the blogger still has not even begun writing! Writing will constitute a big part of the food bloggers time as they detail their experiences in the kitchen. Written content can include shopping for ingredients, as well as recipes. The most popular food bloggers are able to incorporate their own personal stories and experiences into their online blog posts.

Social Media Platforms For Food Bloggers

Food bloggers know exactly how important it is to cross-promote their blogs on social media platforms. This cross-promotion is a great way for food bloggers to gain new followers and reach new audiences with their decadent content and images. Food bloggers that fail to take advantage of social media platforms lose access to billions of potential followers and readers.

Recipes can spread like wildfire on social media platforms. Users share their favorite images, videos, and recipes with their friends and family. This is excellent exposure for food bloggers, and this viral tenacity is essential to growing a large online presence. If you are interested in creating your own online food blog, then you need to take advantage of the free opportunities that social media provides.


As previously mentioned, Instagram can be an incredibly successful option for online bloggers who want an additional platform to share their content with readers. Many bloggers in addition to the Minimalist Baker, and Smitten Kitchen have brought their online content to Instagram.

Instagram reported over a whopping 800 million active monthly users in September. The social media platforms online today create such enormous traffic that online food bloggers who fail to take advantage of them, risk stunting their overall online growth and success.

Monetizing Your Food Blog

Creating all of this food can become expensive for food bloggers. One way to cover the costs of these culinary creations is to monetize their blog.

Web monetization is a popular practice among online bloggers to generate revenue from their digital creations.

Some of the most popular food bloggers are able to monetize their blogs through affiliate sales, sponsorships, and making their own recipe books and cooking courses.

Affiliate Sales

Bloggers can earn money from their online food blogs by engaging in affiliate sales.

The blogger will advertise the product or service on their blog and receives a commission each time one of their viewers purchases a product.

This is an attractive option for businesses and advertisers, as well as bloggers looking to recover some of their expenses and it may even generate some income.


Similar to affiliate sales, a sponsorship is when a business pays a blogger to advertise a specific product or service.

As long as the food blogger discloses this paid sponsorship to their viewers, it is a great option to generate online revenue from your blog.

Creating Their Own Recipe Books / Cooking Courses

Arguably the most lucrative option for online food bloggers looking to generate additional revenue is creating their own recipe books or cooking courses.

Selling a virtual product to readers is an excellent way to cover some of the costs of producing all the high-quality content for readers on a regular basis.

Food bloggers are able to share their knowledge and their expertise with readers that enjoy the blog and are looking for even more!

Creating recipe books and cooking courses is an excellent option for the food blogger to provide their audience with more related online content.

Becoming a food blogger is easier than you may have thought, but it will require a lot of hard work and determination.

Providing audiences with the prefect mixture of written content like recipes and shopping lists, as well as high-quality food photos is the best way to find success as a food blogger.

Anyone who wants to become a food blogger should follow some of the advice above, and they may even be able to monetize their content and cover their costs.

If you have a true passion for food, and want to share your latest creations with others, then you should become a food blogger.

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