So you want to be a lifestyle blogger

If sharing content online with others and generating income from it sounds appealing to you, then you may want to consider becoming a lifestyle blogger.

If sharing content online with others and generating income from it sounds appealing to you, then you may want to consider becoming a lifestyle blogger.

Lifestyle blogging can be an ideal career for those interested in the freedoms of living and working wherever they like. These bloggers have the luxury of creating their own schedules and managing their own workloads. How exactly do they do it? These talented bloggers and social media personalities share their daily activities and hobbies digitally with their online audiences.

The most popular and successful creators are able to monetize this digital content with web monetization strategies such as online advertising, affiliate marketing, e-books, and online courses.

Lifestyle bloggers have their own self-hosted websites and they utilize social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest to grow their online presence and share additional content. The lifestyle blog posts are usually centered around a few general themes, interests, or hobbies. Some of the most popular online lifestyle bloggers tailor their content towards topics such as travel, fashion, parenting, and health and fitness.

If you want to start your own blog and become a popular online lifestyle blogger it may be easier than you think. First, you will need to know what a lifestyle blogger is. And it’s helpful to look at some recent lifestyle bloggers who have been successful and look at their rise to fame.

Next, you will need to know what kind of content you will need to post to stay relevant and engaging with your audience. You will also need to know what to expect in terms of work schedule and average workload. You will have to be proficient with the social media platforms that lifestyle bloggers use and familiarize yourself with some of the ways lifestyle bloggers can monetize their digital content. If you follow these steps after creating your own blog, you’ll be well on your way to success as a lifestyle blogger.

What Is A Lifestyle Blogger?

A lifestyle blogger is an online blogger or social media personality who shares their interests, daily activities, and hobbies with their digital audience. Content consists of normal every day activities the blogger engages on a frequent basis, and material usually revolves around two to three main interests. Lifestyle bloggers enjoy the freedom to create whatever content they desire. However, building an online presence is often easier when the blogger targets a few select niche audiences.

Examples Of Popular Lifestyle Bloggers

Below are two different examples of some of the internet’s most popular lifestyle blogs. These two excellent blogs and their creators are just a few of the thousands of successful lifestyle bloggers currently on the web today.

The Gentlemen Blogger (Matthew Zorpas)

Founded in 2012, The Gentlemen Blogger has recently been recognized as one of the world’s top lifestyle blogs for men. The blog’s content features posts on lifestyle topics such as fashion and travel.

Founder Matthew Zorpas studied Public Relations at London College of Communications, and then received a master’s degree in Global Media from the London School of Economics. He first started the blog because of his passion for fashion and menswear but ultimately the blog transformed into much more than that.

Zorpas who still manages the blog full-time has amassed close to two hundred thousand Instagram followers. The Gentlemen Blogger has featured collaborations with highly-respected companies such as Hugo Boss, Bentley, Harrods and Massimo Dutti. The blog challenges readers to take risks in life and enjoy their experiences along the way.

HBFIT (Hannah Bronfman)

This extremely successful and popular online lifestyle blog covers topics in health, beauty, and fitness. Created by popular fitness blogger Hannah Bronfman in 2014, the blog has quickly become of the most popular online lifestyle blogs for women.

Bronfman’s journey to online blogging success started with her trendy activity on social media platforms. After amassing a large social media following on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, she was able to launch her own domain and her audience followed her. She now has nearly four hundred and fifty-thousand followers on Instagram, as well as a highly successful blog and she shows no signs of slowing down.

HBFIT features its own online shop, and successful e-commerce strategies have allowed Bronfman to generate an income and monetize her online content. She also creates a weekly video series which features relevant topics and discussions in health, beauty, and wellness which attract hundreds of thousands of viewers and add to her soaring popularity. Bronfman is an excellent example of a hard-working young entrepreneur who became a successful lifestyle blogger and has turned it into a career.

What Kind Of Posts Do I Need To Create To Be A Lifestyle Blogger?

Blog posts need to be engaging, unique, and creative. But the actual content of the blog post is up to the blogger! Most bloggers are successful when they select a few niche categories to write about on their lifestyle blog. As mentioned before, some of the most popular lifestyle blogs online today are on topics ranging from fashion, travel, to fitness.

The blog posts and social media posts need to be tailored to a target audience and should showcase the bloggers daily activities, hobbies, and interests. A mixture of high-quality and captivating images, combined with well-written content seems to be the best fit for successful lifestyle bloggers. It’s also important to incorporate the relevant hashtags on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to increase exposure.

Ultimately however it is up to the blogger to experiment with a mixture of different content to determine their direction and goals. The blogger must determine what they enjoy creating, while also determining what their audience enjoys seeing.

The best way to fine-tune your blogs content is with first-hand experience. Planning and execution are certainly two different things. After the inception of the blog you may have second thoughts and want to go another direction. That’s okay! Inexperienced bloggers need to keep in mind that it is okay to change the direction of their blog. The taste and interests of the blogger may change over time and it is okay for the blog to represent and embody these changes. If the blogger incorporates the same tone, voice, and writing style into each blog post it will help to maintain a level of uniformity regardless of the content.

Average Schedule For A Lifestyle Blogger

The average schedule of a lifestyle blogger is difficult to determine. Every blogger has different content, audiences, and limitations. Therefore, there is no set schedule that must be followed by lifestyle bloggers.

Having full control of their schedule is a very attractive option for individuals wanting to start their own blog. This feeling of complete control in regard to scheduling enables the blogger to post their content when they choose to do so. It is important to note though that posting regularly is important. Engaging with the audience on a regular basis ensures that the blog will receive continuous web traffic. If a lifestyle blogger fails to provide any content over an extended period of time they will certainly lose out on some of their audience and followers.

One of the best features of an online lifestyle blogger’s schedule is the ability to live the digital nomadic lifestyle. Lifestyle bloggers are able to work from anywhere in the world, and within any time zone. As long as the blogger has a computer and an internet connection they are in business. To some, this is the ultimate convenience and allows them to travel and do many other things that professionals working with traditional schedules are unable to do.

Typical Workload For A Lifestyle Blogger

The workload of a lifestyle blogger varies depending on the size and popularity of their blog. Inexperienced bloggers who are just starting out will not have as large of a workload as a larger, more established blog. Novice lifestyle bloggers will not need to spend as much time on tasks such as responding to visitor’s comments or handling interaction on social media accounts as a larger blog would.

Larger and more successful online lifestyle blogs that boasts hundreds of thousands of views each day will generate a much larger workload for the blogger. If the blog becomes large enough, then the blogger will have to hire additional staff to meet these increased needs.

Regardless of the size of the blog there are some tasks that all lifestyle bloggers will have to handle throughout their career. Some of these tasks that make up a bloggers daily workload consist of researching, writing content, editing it, marketing and advertising the blog, handling interaction with social media users, developing and updating the blog’s website and functionality, responding to visitor’s comments and feedback, and answering their questions.

No matter what type of lifestyle blog the individual is interested in creating, it will take a lot of hard-work and perseverance. It may seem like a lot to think about at first. Becoming a lifestyle blogger is a huge commitment, but it is certainly worth it in the end.

Social Media Platforms For Lifestyle Bloggers

In order to become an incredibly successful lifestyle blogger in the modern world, bloggers need to utilize social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms for lifestyle bloggers include Pinterest and Instagram. These social media platforms give the blogger an extra avenue to post new content and generate new followers. The use of social media platforms has skyrocketed, and they are responsible for generating a large amount of modern web traffic.

Cross-promotion from social media accounts to the lifestyle bloggers personal websites is an excellent method of generating additional web traffic for a blog. Social media platforms have incredibly large numbers of users, with Facebook reporting over a billion active users a day. These large user bases provide endless opportunities for the blogger to gain new readers for their blog. Using social media channels is essential to becoming a popular lifestyle blogger.

Social media platforms are obviously very attractive for online content creators. Because users have the ability to share and circulate online content with their friends and family, social media platforms are a great way to build a lifestyle blogs online web presence. Posting trendy and shareable material is a great way for a lifestyle blogger to become popular and start gaining traction in the online world.

Monetizing Your Lifestyle Blog

The most successful online lifestyle bloggers are able to monetize their digital content. This practice known as web monetization allows the creator to generate revenue off of their online creations.

There are many different options for web monetization that lifestyle bloggers can take advantage of. The most effective strategy for web monetization is to use a mixture of various monetization strategies such as online advertising, affiliate marketing, as well as creating e-books and online courses.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a very popular option for lifestyle bloggers looking to generate ad revenue off of their online blogs. Popular services such as Google AdSense make it incredibly easy for bloggers to set up targeted advertisements that are tailored to their specific content and target audiences. This is a very popular and lucrative option for lifestyle bloggers who have large amounts of online web traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

Another popular web-monetization strategy for lifestyle bloggers is affiliate marketing. This strategy involves the blogger promoting or advertising their affiliate partner’s product or service on their blog and social media account.

Selling affiliate products can be very profitable for bloggers especially if the product is useful for their audiences.

An important piece of advice for lifestyle bloggers is to disclose their promotional partners to their viewers.

Letting their audience know that they are being compensated in exchange for the product will show transparency and is appreciated by readers.

E-Books And Online Courses

Lifestyle bloggers are often regarded as experts within their field. This expertise and credibility has allowed for bloggers to create instructional guides and online e-books for their viewers to purchase.

This is a popular option among bloggers as they are able to put their excellent writing skills to work and profit off of their written content.

Lifestyle bloggers can also create online courses for their followers to purchase. These online courses will teach a skill and allows for the blogger to share their own knowledge with viewers.

Online courses are an excellent source of online income for lifestyle bloggers. Bloggers who pair this monetization strategy with other successful strategies like online advertising and affiliate marketing will certainly be able to generate income from their digital works.

Lifestyle blogging has become a dream job for creative individuals who enjoy sharing their digital content with the world. Anyone looking to start their own blog has the opportunity to become the internet’s next successful lifestyle blogger if they follow the tips above.

As long as you have passion and are committed to sharing your daily experiences with your viewers then you too can have one of the world’s most popular lifestyle blogs. If you keep in mind all the advice that you’ve read in this article, you are well on your way to becoming a lifestyle blogger.

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