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Complete Natural Health Stock Course Volume 2

Volume 2 of a complete natural health PLR course containing 113 video tutorials. Natural Health Beauty Videos 1-41.

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Video is the most powerful type of online content you can produce. 66% of all Internet traffic is now video and 60% of people prefer watching a video compared with reading text.

With these 100+ video tutorials, you can leverage the power of video in the natural health space. Use them to wow your customers by providing them with a complete and comprehensive video course.

The videos are provided in an MP4 format and broken down into four categories; beauty, health, home, and recipes.

Here are the 41 Natural Health Beauty category video tutorials you get:

  1. Aloe & Basil To Kill Warts
  2. Aloe To Relieve Razor Burn
  3. Castile Liquid Hand Soap
  4. Clear Finger Nail Polish To Remove Warts
  5. Cocoa & Coconut Oil Facial
  6. Coconut Milk Shampoo
  7. Coconut Oil Hair Smoother
  8. Coffee Hand Rub
  9. Coffee Scrub For Cellulite
  10. Foam Rolling To Reduce Tension & Cellulite
  11. Foot Odor Relief With Vodka
  12. Frozen Green Tea For Razor Burn
  13. Gelatin Coconut Milk Facial Peel
  14. Green Tea Foot Soak For Blisters
  15. Honey Shampoo & Conditioner
  16. Ice To Remove Warts
  17. Kombucha Scoby Facial
  18. Lavender Hair Rinse For Dandruff
  19. Lemon & Salt Teeth Whitener
  20. Lemon Oil To Remove Warts
  21. Natural Deodorant
  22. Natural Hairspray
  23. Natural Toothpaste
  24. Nori Body Wrap
  25. Overnight Zit Remedy
  26. Papaya Peel For Face
  27. Rose Petal Honey Yogurt Facial
  28. Rose Petal Tincture
  29. Shower Soother
  30. Strawberries To Whiten Teeth
  31. Tape For Plantar Warts
  32. Tea Tree Oil For Scalp
  33. Tea Tree Oil To Remove Warts
  34. Turmeric Masque
  35. Vitamin C Chewable To Treat Warts
  36. Vodka As Shampoo Boost
  37. Vodka Rosemary Hair Rinse
  38. Vodka Toner & Wrinkle Reducer
  39. Witch Hazel Bath For Razor Burned Legs
  40. Witch Hazel For Post Hair Removal
  41. Yogurt For Bad Breath