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HD Mobility Exercise Videos

Reach more customers with these 10 HD Mobility Exercise Videos. Each video is delivered in a HD MP4 format and demonstrates how to perform a mobility boosting exercise.

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Watch The Video Below For A Sample:

Mobility is one of the most sought after and versatile health topics you can use in your marketing, with people seeking out mobility exercises to prevent injuries, slow down the physical signs of aging or improve their athletic performance.

With these 10 HD Mobility Exercise Videos, you can target people who want to boost their flexibility and make them aware of your products and services.

Each video is presented by a male personal trainer who shows viewers how to perform a mobility exercise which is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The videos have a total run time of 9 minutes and 35 seconds, and are delivered in a HD MP4 format.

Here's exactly what's covered in each video:

1 – Three Way Lunges

Three Way LungesVideo Length = 01:13

This video demonstrates how to perform three way lunges – an exercise that takes standard lunges and adds plenty of movements. Not only is the exercise fun but it also dynamically stretches the muscles and joints in the lower body which makes it great for boosting mobility over time.

2 – 80-20 Speed Squats

80-20 Speed SquatsVideo Length = 00:53

80-20 speed squats combine elements of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength training to create a fast paced mobility exercise that increases flexibility in the lower body. The fast pace of the exercise also improves cardiovascular fitness, making this a great all round exercise.

3 – Calf Raises

Calf RaisesVideo Length = 01:02

This video shows viewers how to perform calf raises – an exercise that strengthens and stretches out the muscles in the lower part of the legs. The movement in the exercise fully stretches out the calf muscles and it's perfect for people who are experiencing tightness or pain in their calves.

4 – Chair Salutations

Chair SalutationsVideo Length = 01:06

This yoga inspired exercise is perfect for full body flexibility and stretches out the arms, neck, back and legs. It's a very gentle exercise which makes it great for people with limited mobility.

5 – Single Leg Deadlift Squat

Single Leg Deadlift SquatVideo Length = 00:56

The single leg deadlift squat is an extremely challenging mobility exercise that's a fantastic choice for people who want to really advance their flexibility levels. In addition to developing flexibility in the legs and lower back, this exercise also enhances strength and balance.

6 – Groucho Walk

Groucho WalkVideo Length = 00:48

This video shows viewers how to perform the groucho walk – a lower body mobility exercise. This simple but challenging exercise improves the range of motion in the legs and lower back while also strengthening the muscles in these areas of the body.

7 – Side Tricep Rise

Side Tricep RiseVideo Length = 01:11

The side tricep rise is a strengthening and stretching exercise that boosts flexibility in the core and arm muscles. It's great for people who experience stiffness in the back of their arms or their core muscles.

8 – Single Leg Wall Squats

Single Leg Wall SquatVideo Length = 00:53

This video demonstrates how to perform single leg wall squats – an advanced exercise that improves balance, flexibility and strength. The bending motion promotes more fluid movement in multiple areas of the lower body.

9 – Sneaky Lunges

Sneaky LungesVideo Length = 00:42

Sneaky lunges are a full body flexibility exercise that combine standard lunges with additional movements. These additional movements stretch out the arms, legs, calf muscles and core muscles.

10 – Toe Roll ISO Lunge

Toe Roll ISO LungeVideo Length = 00:46

This video shows viewers how to perform the toe roll ISO lunge. This variation of regular lunges uses a rocking motion to gently boost mobility in the ankles and knees.