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Inspirational Christian Quotes Social Graphics

Grow your social following and engagement levels with these 100 Inspirational Christian Quotes Social Graphics. Each social graphic contains an uplifting social quote, measures 500 x 500 pixels and is delivered in a JPG format.

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There are over 170 million Christians in the USA alone, and they're one of the most active and engaged user groups on social platforms.

With these 100 Inspirational Christian Quotes Social Graphics, you can give Christians a regular dose of inspiration through social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and encourage them to interact with your business.

Use them to build your social following, increase your engagement levels or introduce people to the products and services you provide.

Inspirational Christian Social Graphics

Here are the 100 quotes featured on these social graphics:

  1. “Do All The Good You Can. By All The Means You Can. In All The Ways You Can. In All The Places You Can. At All The Times You Can. To All The People You Can. As Long As Ever You Can.” – John Wesley
  2. “To Be A Christian Without Prayer Is No More Possible Than To Be Alive Without Breathing.” – Martin Luther
  3. “When I Pray Coincidences Happen, And When I Don't, They Don't.” – William Temple
  4. “God Is Most Glorified In Us When We Are Most Satisfied In Him.” – John Piper
  5. “I Believe In Jesus Christ As My Lord And Savior. I Believe That Jesus Died For My Sins, And Rose Again, And That's My Belief. I Still Don't Know What ‘Christian' Means. I'm A Follower Of Christ, But I Keep Making A Whole Bunch Of Mistakes. And I Thank God For Forgiveness.” – Sherri Shepherd
  6. “Prayer Can Never Be In Excess.” – Charles Spurgeon
  7. “God Gives Us Things To Share; God Doesn't Give Us Things To Hold.” – Mother Teresa
  8. “What You Are Is God'S Gift To You, What You Become Is Your Gift To God.” – Hans Urs Von Balthasar, Prayer
  9. “True Faith Means Holding Nothing Back. It Means Putting Every Hope In God's Fidelity To His Promises.” – Francis Chan, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By A Relentless God
  10. “Worrying Is Arrogant Because God Knows What He's Doing.” – Barbara Cameron, A Time To Heal
  11. “He Said “Love…As I Have Loved You.” We Cannot Love Too Much.” – Amy Carmichael
  12. “Jesus Tends To His People Individually. He Personally Sees To Our Needs. We All Receive Jesus' Touch. We Experience His Care.” – Max Lucado, Experiencing The Heart Of Jesus Workbook: Knowing His Heart, Feeling His Love
  13. “We Fear Men So Much, Because We Fear God So Little.” – William Gurnall
  14. “God Loves Each Of Us As If There Were Only One Of Us.” – Augustine
  15. “If God Is Your Partner, Make Your Plans Big!” – D.L. Moody
  16. “I Used To Ask God To Help Me. Then I Asked If I Might Help Him. I Ended Up By Asking God To Do His Work Though Me.” – Hudson Taylor
  17. “The Will Of God Will Not Take Us Where The Grace Of God Cannot Sustain Us.” – Billy Graham
  18. “As Long As You Do Things For God, You Are A Hall Of Famer In Heaven's List.” – Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For?
  19. “Prayer Is A Strong Wall And Fortress Of The Church; It Is A Goodly Christian Weapon.” – Martin Luther
  20. “Employ Whatever God Has Entrusted You With, In Doing Good, All Possible Good, In Every Possible Kind And Degree.” – John Wesley
  21. “The Point Of Your Life Is To Point To Him. Whatever You Are Doing, God Wants To Be Glorified, Because This Whole Thing Is His.” – Francis Chan, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By A Relentless God
  22. “Faith Is A Living And Unshakable Confidence. A Belief In God So Assured That A Man Would Die A Thousand Deaths For Its Sake.” – Martin Luther
  23. “If You Measure Your Life By What You Own, The Cavern Of Your Heart Will Never Be Filled.” – James D. Maxon
  24. “We Fail In The Work Of Grace And Love When There Is Too Much Of Us And Not Enough Of God.” – Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Search
  25. “Jesus First, Others Next, And Yourself Last Spells J-O-Y.” – Linda Byler, Running Around (And Such)
  26. “Faith Is Taking The First Step Even When You Don’t See The Whole Staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  27. “The Dirtier Your Bible, The Cleaner Your Heart!” – Victor Manuel Rivera, In Search Of True Freedom
  28. “The Only Expenditure, And All Its Outworkings, For Which God Can Be Held To Be Responsible Is That Which He Directs.” – Amy Carmichael
  29. “Sometimes You Must Stand Still In Order To Get Moving To Where God Wants You To Go.” – D.A. Mcbride
  30. “If You Can See It, You Can Achieve It. God Helps Those Who Helps Themselves. Power Is In The Act Of Humility.” – Patricia Amis
  31. “Faith Does Not Eliminate Questions. But Faith Knows Where To Take Them.” – Elisabeth Elliot
  32. “The Lord Your God Is In Your Midst, A Mighty One Who Will Save; He Will Rejoice Over You With Gladness; He Will Quiet You By His Love; He Will Exult Over You With Loud Singing.” – Zephaniah 3:17
  33. “Know Therefore That The Lord Your God Is God, The Faithful God Who Keeps Covenant And Steadfast Love With Those Who Love Him And Keep His Commandments, To A Thousand Generations.” – Deuteronomy 7:9
  34. “We Never Grow Closer To God When We Just Live Life. It Takes Deliberate Pursuit And Attentiveness.” – Francis Chan
  35. “The Love Of Christ Always Helps Us See Beyond The Faults Of Others.” – Victor Manuel Rivera, In Search Of True Freedom
  36. “What The World Neglects, The Lord Accepts.” – Deborah Brodie, The Path That Gets Brighter: A Devotional To Instruct, Illustrate, And Encourage Kingdom Principles
  37. “And Then, Just As Quickly, The Clouds Returned, Leaving Us To Walk By Faith, Not By Sight.” – Sibella Giorello, The Clouds Roll Away
  38. “Then You Will Know The Truth, And The Truth Will Set You Free. (8:32)” – The Gospel According To John
  39. “If God Would Concede Me His Omnipotence For 24 Hours, You Would See How Many Changes I Would Make In The World. But If He Gave Me His Wisdom Too, I Would Leave Things As They Are.” – J.M.L. Monsabre
  40. “God Blesses You So That He Can Do For Others Through You;It Is Not Always About You.” – D.A. Mcbride
  41. “Kindness Begins In The Heart Of A Willing Mind.” – D.A. Mcbride, The Wind Chimes Of Life
  42. “We May Speak About A Place Where There Are No Tears, No Death, No Fear, No Night; But Those Are Just The Benefits Of Heaven. The Beauty Of Heaven Is Seeing God.” – Max Lucado
  43. “A Woman’s Heart Should Be So Hidden In God That A Man Has To Seek Him Just To Find Her.” – Max Lucado
  44. “Always, Everywhere God Is Present, And Always He Seeks To Discover Himself To Each One.” – A.W.Tozer
  45. “Aim At Heaven And You Will Get Earth Thrown In. Aim At Earth And You Get Neither.” – C.S. Lewis
  46. “One Act Of Obedience Is Better Than One Hundred Sermons.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  47. “Beware In Your Prayers, Above Everything Else, Of Limiting God, Not Only By Unbelief, But By Fancying That You Know What He Can Do.” – Andrew Murray
  48. “True Sacrifice Is Merely Self-Control.” – David W. Stevens, In The Presence Of God – A Book Of Truth
  49. “God Strengthen And Brighten Your Paths.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes
  50. “Don't Ever Regret Your Good Deeds Even When Its Abused. Don't Lose Heart You Will Be Vindicated And Obtain Favor With God And Man.” – Buky Ojelabi
  51. “Where Darkness Had Once Overshadowed Many Of Us, The Radiant Light Of Christ Exposed The Truth That Not One Of Us Is Truly Ever Alone.” – Jennifer Smith, The Unveiled Wife: Embracing Intimacy With God And Your Husband
  52. “I Embrace My Fate; Spiritual Journey.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes
  53. “Children Of The Light, Live In The Light.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes
  54. “Ask For The Godly Way, Travel Its Path.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes
  55. “What Makes Jesus Remarkable Is That He Didn’t Come To Earth To Lead, He Came To Serve.” – Jim George
  56. “Breathless Living Is Anything But The Abundant Life. The Pace At Which We Live Is Not Sustainable.” – Stephen W. Smith
  57. “The Christian Life Means Putting Off The Character Of The World And Putting On The Character Of Christ.” – Jim George
  58. “When We No Longer Have The Strength To Keep On Walking, God Will Carry Us. His Strength Is Enough For You And I.” – Dana Arcuri, Harvest Of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity: A 50-Day Devotional
  59. “You See, God Didn't Create Us To Merely Survive. He Created Us To Thrive! We Were Made For Abundant Life.” – Dana Arcuri, Harvest Of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity, A 50-Day Devotional
  60. “Faithful Are The Wounds Of A Friend; But The Kisses Of An Enemy Are Deceitful.” – Proverbs 27:6, The Holy Bible
  61. “He Is No Fool Who Gives What He Cannot Keep, To Gain What He Cannot Lose.” – Jim Elliot, Christian Missionary
  62. “With God All Things Are Possible.” – Mark 10:27, The Holy Bible
  63. “Worry Does Not Empty Tomorrow Of Its Sorrows; It Empties Today Of Its Strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom, Protector Of Jewish People During The Holocaust
  64. “Faith Is To Believe What We Do Not See, And The Reward Of This Faith Is To See What We Believe.” – Augustine
  65. “Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant; Thou Hast Been Faithful Over A Few Things, I Will Make Thee Ruler Over Many Things.” – Matthew 25:23 The Holy Bible
  66. “For By Grace Are Ye Saved Through Faith; And That Not Of Yourselves: It Is The Gift Of God.” – Ephesians 2:8, The Holy Bible
  67. “Good Intentions And Earnest Effort Are Not Enough. Only Jesus Can Make An Otherwise Futile Life Productive.” – Chuck Swindoll, Pastor
  68. “For Unto Us A Child Is Born, Unto Us A Son Is Given: And The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulder: And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince Of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6, The Holy Bible
  69. “And The Word Was Made Flesh, And Dwelt Among Us, (And We Beheld His Glory, The Glory As Of The Only Begotten Of The Father,) Full Of Grace And Truth.” – John 1:14, The Holy Bible
  70. “Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards, But It Must Be Lived Forwards.” – Soren Kierkegaard, Theologian
  71. “If You Are A Christian, You Are Not A Citizen Of This World Trying To Get To Heaven; You Are A Citizen Of Heaven Making Your Way Through This World.” – Dr. Vance Havner, Preacher
  72. “I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life: No Man Cometh Unto The Father, But By Me.” – John 14:6, The Holy Bible
  73. “He That Believeth On The Son Hath Everlasting Life: And He That Believeth Not The Son Shall Not See Life; But The Wrath Of God Abideth On Him.” – John 3:36, The Holy Bible
  74. “For The Wages Of Sin Is Death; But The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.” – Romans 6:23, The Holy Bible
  75. “God’s Word Transforms You Into Someone Who Reflects His Glory.” – Elizabeth George
  76. “The Son Of God Became A Man To Enable Men To Become Sons Of God.” – C. S. Lewis
  77. “God Answers When You Least Expect It.”
  78. Those Who Trust In The Lord Will Find New Strength.” – Isaiah 40:31
  79. “If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?” – Romans 8:31
  80. “He Calmed The Storm To A Whisper And Stilled The Waves.” – Psalm 107:29
  81. “God Can Restore What Is Broken And Change It Into Something Amazing. All You Need Is Faith.” – Joel 2:25
  82. “God Chose You Out Of All The People Of The Earth As His Cherished Personal Treasure.” – Deuteronomy 14:2
  83. “Faith Is Deliberate Confidence In The Character Of God Whose Ways You May Not Understand At The Time.” – Oswald Chambers
  84. “For God Is Working In You, Giving You The Desire And The Power To Do What Pleases Him.” – Philippians 2:13
  85. “The Pain That You’ve Been Feeling Can’t Compare To The Joy That’s Coming.” – Romans 8:18
  86. “With His Own Blood, Jesus Entered The Most Holy Place Once For All Time And Secured Our Redemption Forever.” – Hebrews 9:12
  87. “God’s Love Can’t Be Explained. – Only Experienced.”
  88. “We Aren’t Called To Be Like Other Christians; We Are Called To Be Like Christ.”
  89. “Thank You Lord For Breathing Life Into Us. This Is The Day The Lord Has Made; We Will Rejoice And Be Glad In It.” – Psalms 118:24
  90. “There Is No Fear In Love But Perfect Love Drives Out Fear.” – 1 John 4:18
  91. “God, I Have Put My Trust In You. Show Me The Way I Should Go.” – Psalm 143:8
  92. “Some Trust In Chariots And Some In Horses, But We Trust In The Name Of The Lord Our God.” – Psalm 20:7
  93. “You Are My Treasured Possession.” – Exodus 19:5
  94. “Every Word Of God Is Flawless; He Is A Shield To Those Who Take Refuge In Him.” – Proverbs 30:5
  95. “He Must Become Greater. I Must Become Less.” – John 3:30
  96. “I Will Give You A New Heart And Put A New Spirit In You; I Will Remove From You Your Heart Of Stone And Give You A Heart Of Flesh.” – Ezekiel 36:26
  97. “Be Assured If You Are Trying To Do Something For God, The Devil Is Trying To Destroy You.” – Carl Herbster
  98. “You Can Make Many Plans, But The Lord’s Purpose Will Prevail.” – Proverbs 19:21
  99. “The Difference Is Christ In Me. Not Me In A Different Set Of Circumstances.” – Elisabeth Elliot
  100. “Heaven And Earth Will Pass Away, But My Words Will Never Pass Away.” – Mark 13:31