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Natural Lifestyle Stock Video And Content Bundle Volume 4

Volume 4 of a huge PLR bundle which includes 11 HD natural health videos, 10 natural health text and image tutorials, 38 remedy preparation photos and a 20,000+ word eBook with eCovers.

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Benefits and Value

Access to over 10,000+ articles, reports, videos and blog posts

  • Brand Content as your own
  • Use for lead generation magnets
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Natural health is expected to become a $100 billion dollar industry in the next three years. However, there are currently only a small number of people producing high-quality video content, products and services in this space.

You can use this complete content solution to quickly take advantage of the low levels of competition in this niche, establish yourself as an authority in the natural health market and build a strong audience of people who are eager to learn about incorporating natural health into their lifestyle.

Volume 4 of 6 of this Natural Lifestyle PLR package includes 2 videos on Natural Health.

Video 8 – Natural Deodorant

Video Length = 02:07

Hundreds of thousands of people search for natural and homemade deodorant tutorials online every day.

You can use this video to serve these people and position your brand as a leader in the natural health space.

Video 9 – Natural Hairspray

Video Length = 02:03

Demand for natural hairspray is at an all-time, with hundreds of thousands of consumers ditching commercially produced hairsprays every single month as they learn about the toxic chemicals they contain.

With this video, you can capitalize on the growing market for natural hairspray, provide people with helpful video content and grow your audience in this niche.